HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 26th November

hukd_logob1Right – wind up your brains and get ready to blow them sky-high with today’s True Or False Friday set of tricky puzzlers. Solve them all and you could win* a fortnight in the Maldives!

As per usual, the bargains are all here thanks to HotUKDeals... oh, and all of last week's tricky teasers were FALSE!

810320_1THE DEAL: 160 PG Tips tea bags with a free Monkey toy thing. Half price at just £2.12.

TRUE OR FALSE? For added monkey flavour, stuff a teabag in his mouth and then pour the boiling water into it. It will emerge out of his arse and tea will never ever taste the same again. Nor will anything else for that matter.

810514_1THE DEAL: Mario Kart for the Wii, complete with steering wheel – only £19.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? The steering wheel will also fit most makes of UK car. But be warned, once you’ve fitted it, driving over a banana skin will cause you to spin round repeatedly.

809858_1THE DEAL: Sennheiser HD 202 headphones for just £17.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? These are so powerful that you can wear them around the sides of your stomach and you’ll still be able to clearly hear the music and/or speech. Handy for people with erm, for people who... erm, no, there’s no benefit whatsoever.

(deals found by HUKD members Jakejakejake, kidpays and canada16)

*will not win


  • Hnnnrgr
    Ever notice that you never get any comments in these sections? It's because the writing is unfunny and stupid, the deals listed are second-hand, and everything about it just smacks of slow news day filler material. BitterWallet can be good, which is why I read it, but this is just shite.
  • Boris B.
    Yes. Not the best. However, the site needs to do some linking to reciprocate the links from HDUK. It must be something to do with making money somehow. Anyway; the headphone-stomach technique can actually be put to use for children that have swallowed sets of small magnets. This it typical behaviour for the tiny idiots around this time of year. High frequency electromagnetic fields produced by the headphone coils would demagnetise the offending bits of metal and so prevent them from clamping or pinching the digestive tract leading to, well … death. So; stupid idea = medical miracle.

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