HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 26th June

Woot Woot Woot! It’s True Or False Friday! The rules are simple – we give you three red hot bargains followed by a statement relating to them. Then you guess if the statement is true or false.

Even if it’s false, please use the statement in everyday conversation so that we can try and bring down the truth fascists. Deals come hosed down and with a little bow on them straight from HotUKDeals.

THE DEAL: A Technika Blu Ray player. Available for an amazing £69.97.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Blu Ray got its name as it was pioneered by Ray Kitchkikikov, a minor member of the Blue Man Group. He dropped the ‘e’ from ‘Blue’ to avoid legal difficulties.

THE DEAL: Andrex toilet tissues, with aloe vera. A 9-pack that should help keep things running smoothly for just £2.52.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Before they make their infamous commercials, Andrex audition a dozen of the finest golden retriever puppies. Then they get them to fight in a ring in the middle of a warehouse somewhere in Essex. Last dog standing gets the gig.

THE DEAL: Microsoft Windows 7. A Home Premium pre-order for as little as £49.99. Available between July 15 - August 14.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Although his company duties have been severely reduced, Bill Gates still hangs around the Microsoft HQ every day. He tootles about in a little fire engine, putting out pretend fires if there are no real ones. To date, there have been no real fires at Microsoft.

(deals found by HUKD members zakeriyah, BlazeJohny and ms2005)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements were FALSE

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