HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 1st July

hukd_logob1 Once again, like a dose of the piles, Friday is here. The weekend yawns in front of us, a welcome break from the torrent of bullshit that blights the remainder of our week. Before we hurl ourselves headlong into it, let’s play True Or False Friday…

As per forever, the bargains all come from HotUKDeals and in case you’re a regular player, last week’s answers were all FALSE.

968743_1THE DEAL: Epson Stylus SX515W all-in-one printer. Only £38.24.

TRUE OR FALSE? Not only does this print, it scans, copies, sends faxes from taxis, can sniff out cancer, will accurately predict winning National Lottery numbers on 8 out of 10 occasions and can flick its own snot right over the top of a house.

968429_1THE DEAL: Technika HDMI upscaling DVD player, including an iPod dock and speakers for just £16.97 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? Not only does this also have all of the aforementioned features, it also makes crisps, projects photos of dead clowns on to any large white surface and folds down into a handy, pocket-sized afro comb.

968689_1THE DEAL: UltraSlim Asus UL50AT Intel Core 2 Duo laptop, 4GB, 320GB, 12hour battery – only £299.

TRUE OR FALSE? Not only does this laptop have all of the above specifications, it also spews Angel Delight every hour on the hour, can analyse human breath for traces of evil DNA and will grow a tail and enter itself into Crufts 2012.

(deals found by HUKD members martinelsen, crosswski and akashi)

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