HotUKDeals Of The Day - Christmas Eve Eve

hukd_logob1There’s still time to get out there and spend some pre-Christmas cash as well as plan for the Boxing Day sales – here’s what we feel is the best way for you to deploy your dough before and after Santa comes a-calling.

As per forever, it’s all via HotUKDeals – your one-stop shop for the finest offers anywhere. So good you could almost lick it.

834259_1If you still haven’t got yourself fixed up with a tree and have held your nerve this long, you could be in for some big savings and a smug grin on your chops. First of all comes ‘Christmas In A Bag’ for only £2.00. You’ll get a smallish tree, some lights and some baubles. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY EVERYONE.

If it’s a standalone tree that you’re looking for, you might even be able to pick one of those up for as little as 1p. Again, it’ll be SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY, and you might have to phone around first but have you REALLY got anything better to do on Christmas Eve?

833804_1Is your nickname Last Minute Laptop Larry? If it is then we’ve got just the bargain Christmas gift for you, you last minute laptop bastard. It’s the MSI CR630 Blu-Ray 250GB 15.6in laptop with specs to numerous to list here but all available for you to see over at HotUKDeals.

It’s normally available for £449.99 but has been reduced to just £299.99. But be warned – that price is only applicable until the end of today (the 23rd) so you’ll need to get about it quickly if you want a piece of its ‘ass’.

833868_1Finally, a Boxing Day bargain that is looming over the horizon; our old friend the drastically-reduced television set. The one in question is the Philips 56PFL9954 21:9 Cinema TV. Yes, you read that right – a TV the size of a cinema screen.

Hi – us again. We’ve just re-read the small print and it’s actually a TV with the same dimensions as a cinema screen. Still pretty impressive, unless it’s only five inches high. Which it evidently isn’t. But it’s only £999.00 from the day after the day after tomorrow and to us, THAT’S A BARGAIN.

(deals found by HUKD members philhib1964, kiwikeen, dalecheesy and alchemistkevin)

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