Groovy judge says iPad is cooler than Samsung Galaxy...


The Samsung Galaxy Tab is NOT as cool as the Apple iPad – and Samsung are quite happy about it.

That weird conclusion has been reached by a high court judge and it means that Apple can not stop the sale or import of the Galaxy Tab 10, after they claimed that the designs were too similar to their lovely iPad.

Judge Birss said they were not similar enough, ruling that the Galaxy 10 is “not as cool”. Yes, those were his exact words. He also scoffed at some other alleged differences relating to the thickness of the devices and the details on the backs of them, but we don’t think there was any finger-snapping and be-bop jazz playing in the background at the time.

There it is Galaxy owners – your device is NOT AS COOL AS AN IPAD. Okay??


  • Me
    If owning an ipad is cool - I don't want to be cool.
  • captain c.
    Poor old duffer got confused, he meant to say the Apple is not as cool as the Samsung.

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