Google to make own branded phones

Google to make own branded phones

Google have done rather nicely with their Android software, with the majority of the world's phones using their operating system.

Now, the tech giant are taking on Apple and Samsung with a range of their own-branded smartphones. Google have just created a division create their own hardware and work with partners.

Of course, Google already work with handset manufacturers like LG and HTC for their Google Nexus phones, but this will be different.

Basically, Google will have more control over design, manufacturing and software, and they're already talking with various mobile operators about releasing their own handsets.

Google have declined to comment on all this, so obviously there's a lot of speculation about all this.

We do know that former president of Motorola, Rick Osterloh, has been hired by Google to oversee hardware, who is overseeing Chromecast devices, as well as Nexus, Chromebooks, and Project Aura (that's the next stage for Google Glass).

If Google do end up releasing Google phones, it'll have to go through him.

There's a new version of Android's OS due, which has yet to be named (they seem to like sweets and candy, so we're expecting something daft like candyfloss, or licorice whip). That'll have rejigged emoji, new graphics, and a load of other changes.

So, a new OS and a range of Google phones. Apple will be keeping an eye on all this.

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