Google Glass actually costs next to nothing

google glass Google Glass looks set to be quite the thing of 2014, when it launches properly; but £900 seems a bit steep really to have a phone strapped on to your face, and one also needs lenses for such a device.

If you need prescription lenses, you have to fork out an extra couple of hundred quid.

But hey, so far so future so what?

Well, it transpires that the Google Glass components actually cost no more than around £50. Admittedly this sort of thing isn't new in the field of, well, everything, but it is quite a staggering mark-up.

The most expensive component is the processor, a chip from Texas Instruments, which costs around £8. Other items such as the battery cost as little as 50p.

Inside the device is 16GB of storage space for apps, photographs and videos, thought to cost around £7.50, and 1GB of RAM, costing £3.

Of course, the figures do not tell the whole story. Not included in that total is the expense of designing Glass and the research and development investment that made building it possible. Nor is shipping, marketing or technical support factored in.

But, you know, fucking cheek of it.

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  • Mr M.
    How can 16Gb of storage cost £7.50, I'd of thought a figure of 50p was more realistic. Always baffles me with all the technology in phones and tablets we're still piddling aroung with 8/16Gb storage, more for the high end stuff.

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