'Get your laughing gear round our tablet' roar BT


Tablet computing is here to stay – it must be true because those renowned pioneers of white-hot technology at BT are getting involved. They’ve unveiled a new tablet device that they say is designed ONLY for the home. Presumably if it hits fresh air it’ll melt or something.

BT are saying that it’ll be a touchscreen version of a landline phone, with a built-in speaker and microphone as well as Bluetooth options, and it will also include voicemail, emailing and texting capabilities. There’ll even be video messaging, like in the future and that.

If that wasn't enough (it wasn't) the thing will also have news and weather apps. Wow - it sounds fucking IMMENSE (although in truth, sizewise, it’ll be in between an iPod Touch and an iPad.)

Currently nameless and priceless, BT say they’ll reveal more information about this housebound little curio later in the year. Presumably when they’ve come up with some more stuff that it can do…


  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. My mother owns a phone like the one in the picture (posted with this article). She said it was made by Sir Alan Sugar, ex-Tottenham Chairman and leading star of Junior Apprentice (BBC1 9PM)
  • dunfyboy
    Can't wait. I'm in the market for a vague piece of kit that can do stuff and things. I hope they put a lower case vowel at the start of the name. That makes things better.
  • dude
    Dont tell sid
  • BT
    In an official statemet BT said, "We also have other plans for other things....."
  • Brad
    Well I my little creation I made in my shed can do all that shit the BT one can do and drive your car remotely. I dont currently have a picture but believe me its da bomb Brah!
  • wonky h.
    I bum foxes
  • VashTheStampede
    i bet its the openpeak thing - since they've already got a contract with them. like this? http://www.openpeak.com/ProFrame7.php
  • Desire A.
    No, it will be the OpenTablet 7. I've seen it. Comes with Moorestown
  • erm
  • andy y.
    Why are all Telcos so full of PR shit?
  • MrRobin
    I do not associate BT with quality hardware ever since my broadband router / voip phone combo that never f**king worked. Calls to India asking me if I had tried switching it off and back on again made me vow to never buy anything other than telecoms services from BT again
  • james d.
    mr robin that router is actually made by thompson.
  • Pavel
    Any sign of this? Or is it planned to be the iPad3 killer?

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