Gadzooks! Microsoft go tablet daft with the Surface!

19 June 2012

Typical – this has happened SO many times before. We feel tired so we have an early night, only to wake up and find that Microsoft have launched a new range of tablets, aimed at blowing Apple’s iPad-flavoured dominance out of the water. Thanks for warning us lads!


They’re calling the devices Surface and will run on the upcoming Windows 8 software that already seems cosily familiar. The significant difference between the Surface and the iPad is that the new Microsoft gizmo will come complete with a detachable keyboard (which attaches magnetically), making it a bit more like a laptop if that’s what your needs require.

Some other Surface stats that we’d like to hit you with include, (1) 10.6-inch HD widescreen display, (2) built-in kickstand, (3) low weight (1.5lbs). At the launch, Steven Sinofsky, the president of Microsoft's Windows division, called it a "tablet that's a great PC – a PC that's a great tablet". Erm, okay mate. Also, it should be noted that the Surface probably won’t be available until pre-Christmas, and that pricing hasn’t been announced

We’ve got no idea how this could work out – you normally get a feast (Xbox) or a famine (Zune, Kin) with Microsoft.


  • Avon B.
    Sorry Apple, but that's it. Game over. You might as well just close your doors now.
  • Paul
    about time microsoft got in the game, look realy good, and 1 up from apple has usb port on it
  • Brad
    Cant believe im going to say this about a Microsoft product - Im actually looking forward to see if this is any good.... I feel dirty.....
  • Idi A.
    Isn't that the interface design they ditched a couple of weeks back?
  • Zleet
    It will probably be innovative, powerful and really well made but no-one will buy it because it doesn't have a fruit or a little green robot on it. I think the future of home technology is a central brute processing and storage hub with tablet like devices that can interact with it for more intensive services or possibly even shared processing to net-top/apple tv mini hubs. The supposed intergration with the desktop enviroment MS has been touting is a step in that direction. I fully expect apple to come up with something similar in a few months and be called geniuses while MS weeps in the corner.
  • Stu
    Ima. Big apple fan but would love one with a good stylus. The potential issues though are as it is running windows 8 the RAM does matter! Why not tell us what it is.. Running win 8 what will battery life be like? I'd want a minimum of 6 hours I think.
  • TimB
    Pretty, but hardly innovative. I've had a Windows 8 tablet with attachable keyboard for months - Acer W500.
  • oliverreed
    I like the way the keyboard matches the blue screen of death....
  • confused
    oliverreed seems like you need to get out of your coffin a bit more - blue screen of death move the fuck on OS wise. looking forward to this - a friend has been developing for these and has had a few on trial, is very impressed, considering he is a die hard machead gives me hope this will be the tablet I have been waiting for. - not going to be cheap consideirng they are ultrabooks on a diet.
  • The D.
    I like the way TimB thinks we are impressed at him being such a cunt.
  • The D.
    Sorry, no football on tonight.
  • xxxSimoneBxxx
    Did anyone catch the speech on you tube - the surface crashed during the presentation and he had to shoot off and grab a replacement - perhaps its called the 'Surface' cos it will make a nice chopping board one your 'work surface' in the kitchen!!! S.xoxo

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