Future Klaxon! Behind the scenes at Microsoft's secret kingdom of magic technology...

We’re cleverer than you lot. That’s why when you’re gawping at Emmerdale or Eastenders in the early evening, we’re watching Channel 4 News, catching up with the day’s events and Jon Snow’s ties.

Last night’s edition was especially fascinating, as tech reporter Benjamin Cohen was granted some rare access into the secret world of Microsoft’s HQ in Seattle. Looks like those boys are flushed with the success of Kinect and are planning to use the technology to help us get through everyday life in years to come. Loads of waving at stuff, touching stuff and holding balls of light in the actual palms of our actual hands. We literally can't wait.

Here’s the report for those who missed it last night. Take a look into the eyes of the future dear readers!


  • Daoxin
    Those projected pictures on the bedroom wall look great, straight out of a sci fi movie, I want it now!
  • Ben
    Here's some free advice, Microsoft, based on that puff piece: 1. Granting access to a commercial news group in exchange for nont-so-subtly hinting that now is a good time to buy your shares is transparent and crass. 2. Copying, wholesale, the Apple store is transparent, crass, and desperate. 3. Lose the management wankspeak. Microsoft "storyteller"? call him "bollocks magician", or what he actually is - a marketing manager. They're clearly doing some good work, but someone at the top thinks they know better, and seem to be hamstringing every attempt to innovate in presentation. Shame.
  • DragonChris
    @ Ben. MS have plenty of management wankspeak, I can assure you - you haven't seen the tip of the Iceberg - I've seen/heard a fair bit first hand.
  • The B.
    Is that the same Ben Cohen who set up jewish.co.uk as a portal and subsequently earned a copious amount of money for producing a load of garbage (at the time), he's a crunt of the highest proportions.

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