Forget the iPad, here's the Windows-based iTablet

Now we know you may not be fans of the iPad, but what fresh hell is this?

Bitterwallet - the iTablet
That's right - the iTablet. No, really. It's a a touchscreen tablet that runs on Windows or Linux, manufactured by UK company X2 Computing. No word on pricing yet but according to Pocket Lint, X2 reckons "the iTablet will revolutionise the way that Windows users can access and use data on the move". No, no it won't. If you seriously thought it did, you wouldn't have called it the iTablet to jump on Apple's bandwagon. And cutting and pasting Windows into a tablet doesn't make it a tablet operating system, does it?

We're not knocking the spec - three USB ports, USB connected 1.3-megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G - all the stuff critics said the iPad should have had. But the casing looks cheap, the UI is designed for another product altogether - you're serving Rola Cola and pretending it's the Real Thing.

[Pocket Lint]


  • Gunn
    iTablet suprised thats not copyright of apple
  • David
    I bet it's Internet Explorer 6.0. Missing blue screens of death on the move? Download fresh new security patches while you sit on the bus. Can't wait to get one.
  • David
    oh and putting "i" at the start of a work doesn't make it belong to Apple. Any more than "e" makes it the property of eBay. i-tinerary , i-gloo etc The list goes on. Or it would if I had more time.
  • Steve J.
    fuck off apple fanboys, their ipad is a massive fail and will hopefully bankrupt them
  • Mee
    A company called Amtek has been selling an iTablet for over 2 years now. And yeah, they run Windows.
  • Jakg
    Hate to break it to you, but it does have a tablet OS...
  • Dave A.
    From the looks of that picture, it's running XP Tablet edition, which (as you can guess by it's name) is made for tablet pcs. It should work fine. Probably wont have multi-touch or anything but at least it'll be flash compatible.
  • Chris
    @Steve Jobbie You sound bitter from all the crashes your PC has put you through. I hope someone gets you an iPad for your birthday. Then again, you're so angry at a faceless corporation maybe you don't have any friends to buy you a present.
  • The B.
    When was the last time anyone saw a blue screen of death? I saw one at work the other day on a seriously knackered laptop but prior to that not since XP was first released, even my home Windows 7 hasn't died yet (he said touching wood).
  • Nobby
    In other news, an apple fanboy got his iCock stuck up his own iArs. It didn't do any harm as the battery ran out.
  • MagicBoy
    Since when was Windows XP Tablet not a tablet operating system? OK it's old, but it works (ish) with a pen. HP and Fujitsu were knocking out 10" tablet form devices 5 years ago with XP Tablet on them.
  • Paul S.
    "It works (ish) with a pen." I rest my case.
  • Tom
    Apples crash just as much as PC do nowerdays, the only difference is you have to unplug your mac to get it to resart where as PCs have a power/reset button.
  • Andy
    The idea of having any full-blown OS on a tablet doesn't appeal to me. They were developed for use with a mouse, not big grubby fingers.
  • asdfgh
    idiots... since when everything what have i in name is property of apple? I can name my shit icrap and thats my right to do this. That overgrown ipod is a tablet like other tablets which was many years before - now it's called resolution. Only their strength is that race which have hackers - everybody wants winds them and jailbrake their products.
  • Paul S.
    They've named it iTablet to cash in on Apple's popularity - I didn't say Apple owned the right to it. XP Tablet is a terrible operating system - it's a PC OS crammed into a tablet with few or less concessions made to how an tablet is and can be used. Apple is overpriced, but the UI leads the way. That's why they have a better reputation than stuff like this.
  • Noghar
    You guys have been called Apple fanboys many times but I never felt like agreeing till now. "You’re serving Rola Cola and pretending it’s the Real Thing." What, so you've decided only Apple could have the definitive tablet PC, despite the fact that it isn't out yet and you've never used one? First you assert that this iTablet is using regular windows and it won't work, then someone points out to you there is a Tablet edition, and you decide that's crap and won't work. Where does it say this is using the Tablet edition? Windows 7 is multi-touch enabled and runs fine on netbooks - maybe that's what they have in mind. The iTablet's not out yet. Which means it might be crap. But it might not, and with the cam and the USB slots it's already promising to be more flexible than the iPad - which as already mentioned, isn't out yet either. At least pretend to maintain an air of objectivity, please.
  • Klingelton
    When apple goes bust - steve jobbs will be Steve jobless
  • Jizzlingtons
    Would rather buy 10 of these than an iPad, at least you might be able to do something useful on this instead only being able to use some massive waste of time 'apps'. Also Apple don't even own the rights to the name iPad, Fujitsu have more of a claim to it.
  • Brian's U.
    I feel everyone is missing the point of the iPad. It is not a computer in the traditional sense of the word. Imagine a computer for stupid people. People that expect to be able to use it after pressing the power button (like a tv). Not have to constantly install driver updates, software updates, anti virus updates, etc. I will be classed as an electronic device along with your TV, DVD/Blu-Ray/Video recorder/Stereo system and not as a computer. That is the mass appeal of the iPad and based on this I fear that the iPad will be incredibly popular because there is an uptapped market out there who don't want the hassle of maintaining a normal computer.
  • Paul S.
    Cameras built into phones was a fucking idiotic idea. There was no need for such a device, and certainly no market for it. The App Store was a stupid idea. Again, no need and no market. There will be a need for the iPad (or at least, tablet devices). We're already creating a market for it because we're embracing a digital future. You don't see it very often in the UK, but travel on the subway in New York for a week and you'll see dozens of people with a Kindle. You can read newspaper and magazine content on a mobile (and online, of course) but if it's easier and a better experience to read it on a larger screen, then you have to accept the iPad, its successors and its imitators will have a place.
  • Tom
    @Brians Uncle I feel you've missed the point of what a Slate/Tablet PC should be. You are correct that it should be different to a PC and a lot easier to use, but what it shouldnt be is a large Ipod Touch. If you want to see what an tablet PC should be like, check out the Microsoft Courier Project on Google/Youtube. Essentialy an interface thats even simpler than the iPad, but so so much more powerful and revolutionary. Also read this very good article from Gizmodo
  • applesux
    Cranky Fanboys wannabe editors... Theres no need for it!
  • Steve J.
    Ha Ha Ha Keep trying boys :)
  • RockSolid
  • Dai
    Windows 7 works very nicely on a tablet, out of the box. I've no idea why anyone would want a tablet, but there you are.
  • Jamel R.
    Amtek has been selling an iTablet for over 2 years now. Essentially an interface that's even simpler than the iPad, but so so much more powerful and revolutionary.
  • magtek i.
  • Suellen R.
    Your suggestion is, but for me difficult to achieve, but I will try to change

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