First the cut price Kindle... now an Amazon eBook sale?

amazon logoYesterday Amazon brought us news of the new additions to their ever expanding hand-held family. At the launch event there was an announcement of, amongst other things,  a new cut price Kindle which we now know is going to be retailing at £89 and released on 12th October 2011. What better way to get this launch off to a flier than to also offer a book sale which is apparently going to see 90% knocked off the price of some titles.

According to The Bookseller, Amazon are trying to get as many publishers on board as possible in the hope that they can have a massive software surge on release day.

If this book sale does go ahead then it will undoubtedly be great business for Amazon. This promotion would be run along the same lines as their "12 Days of Kindle" for which Amazon said that there was an uplift in some sales of about 300%.

It seems that the big task is getting publishers onboard and convincing them that they will be able to benefit from signing up to such a promotion. One unnamed publisher said  "I just don't see how publishers can represent authors and make any return on their investments working on these margins."

So it seems that October is going to be a very good month for Kindle owners. Keep your eyes peeled for some kind of announcement soon...

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  • andy y.
    So let's stick our heads in teh sand and hope it goes away.Dicks. Seriously why should budding authors bother with a publisher's deal.take it straight to Kindle?

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