Financial Times app making mega money

13 October 2010

Financial-Times-ipad-app-006 Stop the (digital) presses – the traditional ‘dead tree’ media might not be on the brink of extinction after all! Not if the current performance of the Financial Times is anything to go by.

The newspaper’s top brass claim that their new iPad app has generated more than £1m in advertising revenue in the five months since it was launched, with old-school print advertising now accounting for only 40% of their overall revenue.

It’s all got us wondering whether, as portable tablets like the iPad grow in popularity, will the traditional news media survive, even though its demise has been predicted for years?

Or, will it only be ‘specialist’ publications like the Financial Times (and maybe Knave, Big Ones and Grannies In Agony) that will go forth and prosper as tablet computing infests our existence? What do you reckon?

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  • Ross
    Hmm, presumably the people who will be reading the FT will work in finance and be minted anyway, thus they can afford iPads in the first place. Not sure it'll work for The Sun et al.
  • Nick T.
    What newspapers need to do is launch an edition in an affordable, easily available, recyclable and supremely portable format that doesn't need batteries or internet connection; something that can attract advertisers and is backed up by a vast community of skilled developers. Nah, they don't have the imagination.
  • phil
    Nick, It already exists....its called a newspaper
  • Andrew
    £1m revenue in 5 months...that's hardly going to cover the bills is it!?!
  • PaulH
    @Andrew It would cover my bills...
  • Brad
    But what about all paper that everyday people tend to buy? Im sure they aint jumping for joy.
  • parpparp
    There is something missing here. 40% of revenue comes from print advertising. £1m in revenue won't cover their lunch expenses for 5 months. Where does the rest come from?
  • Colonel S.
    Thing is though, I can't wipe my arse with an ipad... oh, hold on a minute, it seems I can.
  • o'dreary
    i read the guardian on my ipad
  • PaulH
    I write my blog while in Starbucks on my iPad - I'm having new age fun with a vintage feel...
  • zleet
    Financial Times is targeted to a niche market of the minted who have Ipads and a need to have the business news. Really don't see your standard Sun reader owning a vocabulary that doesn't include a head-but as punctuation let alone the wherewithal to download his morning paper and Mail readers probably think owning a computer makes you a scummy liberal.

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