Family Guy bends over ready to take one from Microsoft and Windows 7

313_5 Whatever you think of his prodigious comedic output, you can’t really deny the fact that Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane is a force of nature, As well as the aforementioned show, repeats of which are surely the only thing that’s keeping BBC3 afloat, there’s American Dad! and The Cleveland Show.

Not only does McFarlane write and direct the things, the bloke also stars in them and composes the music too. By our estimation, he’s made over 10,000 hours of TV in the last ten years, although we could be wrong as that’s a figure we just plucked out of the sky.

Whatever – one feature that is a constant throughout McFarlane’s work is that he’s unafraid to take the piss out of everything and everyone with no exceptions. We like that a lot. What we don’t like is that on November 8th in the US, a new episode of Family Guy will be (EDIT preceded by some as-yet-nameless and no-doubt-mirthless fuckbundle of a) broadcast that is entirely devoted to Microsoft and Windows 7. Bleaarrrrggghhhhh!

Sorry – just puked.

According to “There will be no commercial ad time, no network promotions, and no commercial breaks—just a 30-minute Windows 7 trailer… with original animation, live-action performances of Family Guy's most memorable musical numbers, comedy sketches, and surprise celebrity guests.”

The whole thing sounds gut-wrenchingly awful and… bleaarrrrggghhhhh!

Sorry – more puke.

So, that’s a great big Windows 7 launch party that could sully the good name of Family Guy for ever more. As we watch this trailer that has appeared online, we can’t help thinking that the sharks are getting ready to be jumped.


(EDIT - fuck it, we've whipped the 'trailer' away as it wasn't even a trailer to begin with)


  • Daedalus
    Yeah, ummm, I assume that the monkeys at Bitterwallet could clearly see that the 'trailer' you've put up is a very bad, unsynced dubbing of a previous Family Guy episode, no?
  • In f.
    I can't wait till Butt-her Wallet do an article about that massive space station that the emperor has built. It has the power to destroy a whole planet, and I'VE SEEN THE PROOF!!!
  • Codify
    Yep, the original video is here:
  • Colin
    This simply isn't true.'s_Got_a_Brand_New_Bag
  • gav
    i hope the south park creators make an episode to take the piss
  • Caprica
    We can hope that this is either a late April Fool's joke, a parody in the making, or temporary insanity. Anything other than a full blown Micro$loth sellout, bleargh.
  • The B.
    Yep, he's right, airdate th Nov 2009: In the meantime how about you do an article on how if you type the word Google into Google it breaks the internet or sling up some other unchecked and unsubstantiated rumour you found on friendface.
  • The B.
    that should say 8th Nov 2009.
  • cooki2222
    it will prob be something along the lines of Seth Macfarlanes cavalcade of cartoon comedy and feature a few family characters, american dad etc, but also on that night we'll get two episodes of family guy, an ep of american dad and an ep of cleveland show
  • Family B.
    [...] Yesterday we ran a story which suggested that a forthcoming new episode of Family Guy would be sponsored by Microsoft and Windows 7. [...]

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