Family Guy: A correction


Yesterday we ran a story which suggested that a forthcoming new episode of Family Guy would be sponsored by Microsoft and Windows 7.

A few hours later we received a communiqué from a PR company representing Seth McFarlane (the man behind the show) asking us to rectify an error – namely that it won’t actually be an episode of Family Guy but an as-yet-untitled variety show that will be chock-full of Microsoft references.

Happy to oblige, we’ll let their beautifully-worded press release do the talking from hereon in…

The half-hour special will highlight the comedy duo’s subversive and unique humor with original animation, live-action performances of FAMILY GUY’s most memorable musical numbers, comedy sketches and surprise celebrity guests. That night, FOX turns the reins over to MacFarlane for an all-MacFarlane lineup as he also hosts all-new episodes of AMERICAN DAD (7:30-8:00 PM ET/PT), FAMILY GUY (8:00-8:30 and 9:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) and THE CLEVELAND SHOW (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT).

While the way people watch TV has evolved, their desire to be entertained, and marketers’ need to deliver compelling content, hasn’t changed. Microsoft and FOX are joining forces to showcase how the power and simplicity of Windows 7 can enhance the content FOX viewers enjoy most, whether it’s comedy, drama, sports or reality programming on TV or on the web.


”We’re working with FOX on innovative brand integrations that will show how the power and simplicity of Windows 7 can enhance the content FOX viewers love” said Gayle Troberman, general manager of consumer engagement and advertising at Microsoft.  “We have simplified the PC with Windows 7, and together with FOX, we’re simplifying entertainment.”

“We’re thrilled to be joining forces with Windows 7 on such an exciting, highly collaborative marketing campaign featuring the very unique talents of Seth MacFarlane as he overhauls the old Hollywood tradition of the sponsored variety show by marrying Windows 7 messaging with content,” said Jean Rossi, President of FOX One and Executive Vice President of Sales for FOX. “By partnering with 20th Century Fox Television, Fox Licensing and Merchandising, FOX Sports, FX, on MSN and Hulu, we have developed a complementary initiative that goes well beyond the screen with customized assets that connect consumers with Windows 7.”

So there you go. Our favourite parts were “innovative brand integrations”, “marrying Windows 7 messaging with content”, “developed a complimentary initiative that goes well beyond the screen” and the fact that someone’s job title is “general manager of consumer engagement and advertising.” For the record, and in the name of fairness, we should also point out that, to a man, we think that Family Guy is a load of shite.

Microsoft - in their own words, "simplifying entertainment."


  • Bo
    Why do you take the piss out of everything, all of the time?! Family Guy is not shite, you just feel stupid cos they caught you making up things about Family Guy. K**b.
  • Sell O.
    Fuck me, Family Guy has sold out and become the shite that is The Simpsons... Yeah nice once Seth.
  • Gunn
    sell out
  • Marty P.
    Now if they all promoted Apple products that would of course be a different matter eh?
  • Hacks U.
    How out of touch are you lot? Family Guy is the funniest show from the states, bar none. So what if the bloke wants to sell out, you guys have all got your snouts in the Apple trough and no-one ever mentions that.... oh... they do?? shit
  • Kev H.
    Family Guy has never been as good as the Simpsons was in it's hey-day, and never will be. It is f-in funny though.
  • Sell O.
    Hacks Unite, WTF has apple got to do with it??? (awww did mommy and daddy not get you an iPhone for christmas) We are talking about Family Guy! Family guy WAS a show that went against the grain, took the piss out of big corporations not blow smoke up their arses.
  • me
    I dont get the obsession with Family Guy - I mean, its ok, but its nothing special! Then again I never really got South Park either....
  • Hacks U.
    Sell out, you clearly don't read the site enough. Its rumoured that Steve Jobs is actually masquerading as all of the "staff writers" on this site. And I have got an Iphone. Your mum bought it for me.
  • DX
    Wow never known someone to dislike Family Guy so much! In my opinion it's the funniest show I've seen, I love it, always makes me laugh out loud. And all my friends and family agree. It's a shame they won't be mocking Windows 7 rather than appreciating it though! It's better but still not there yet.
  • Inactive
    The only real humour to come out of the US of A was George Bush, the rest is pathetic tosh,
  • donttouchthehair
    Why call him a sellout now given that he's been working for FOX and earns a ridiculous amount of money already? lol
  • Stars S.
    If US humor is so lame then how come all of the hilarious videos on British 'You've Been Framed' are American?! Even American animals are funnier and they don't even know what a camcorder is.
  • Sell O.
    Hacks Unite, ah yes I see its half term such a witty retort the old 'mom' joke. Yes Steve Jobs is masquerading as all the staff on this site, I am sure he really gives a Fuck about BW. Nice stretch of your vocabulary there with Masquerading, must of really took it out of you or is that 'word of the day' toilet paper starting to pay off?
  • Junkyard
    Seems weird that such a cynical hatred-filled bunch as you lot (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) could dislike a cynical hatred-filled funny-as-hell show like Family Guy. Still, each to their own, eh?
  • In f.
    @Andy Dawson Where's the retraction of that bollocks that you posted the other day about a poster in a bar that "made no sense" (except to people with sense)? That seemed to disappear pretty fuckin quick!
    • Andy D.
      @In your face - wasn't me. You are incorrect. Or to quote yourself to another poster - "You're clueless. Fuck off."
  • MickeyB
    Let's be honest for a minute, South Park shits on Family Guy any day of the week. by3
  • Andy B.
    Sell out, you got owned by the your mom joke and your poor retort made you look like a twat. If i got an Iphone for Christmas, I would be well chuffed. I could sell it for an extortionate price to clueless apple fanboys and get something capable of running more than one app at once....
  • goon
    i don't hate the iphone itself, but the tossers who harp on about it all the time. like most apple shit, it seems to attract tossers who like to pay as much as possible and then bore others about their purchase.
  • goon
    also you will find 30 rock is utter dogshit
  • zeddy
    Bitter Wallet-bleaarrrrggghhhhh!
  • Captain K.
    Wow that story was so mature it should have "ITS SO NOT FAIR!" as the title and end with a Youtube video of a door being slammed.
  • Microsoft B.
    [...] could understand why Microsoft was hijacking a show by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane to promote the launch of Windows 7. And even fewer people understood why MacFarlane was letting [...]

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