eBook sales rising sharply but traditional paper books still going strong

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New digital book sales figures suggest that e-reading is becoming increasingly popular and is undoubtedly here to stay, although books made from actual paper are still hanging around and there’s no need to drag your book collection into the road and make a massive bonfire from it just yet.

The Publishers Association have said that sales of ebooks in the ‘general titles’ category, which includes novels and consumer titles, rose from £4m to £16m in 2010. Meanwhile, academic and professional books reaped in £180m, but it’s all still small beans when compared to the total £3.1 billion raked in from all book sales last year.

Things are hotting up even more on the other side of the Atlantic Pond, where Kindles and other e-reading gadgetry have been available and popular for longer. Figures show that electronic books sold more than either hardbacks or paperbacks in the USA in February 2011

An excellent example of an ebook is the hilarious ‘Diana In Heaven: The Dead Princess Diaries’, published last week and available in the Kindle Store for only £1.71. It’s certainly a far more satisfying e-read than ‘Twitchhiker: How One Man Travelled the World By Twitter’ by struggling writer Paul Smith. For a whopping £4.93, you can learn how Smith bumbled his way around the planet, narrowly avoiding being raped and killed to death through his own inability to judge people and their motives.

Other e-books are available.



  • Billy
    Quite a good read, glad I downloaded it for free though.
  • Sawyer
    Would that be the same Paul Smith listed as an editor here on Bitterwallet?
  • The B.
    I'm pretty sure it is "THE" Paul Smith, I seem to remember he got quite a lot of press at the time, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong Paul.
  • Paul S.
    That appears to be me, yes. Props to Andy for that altogether subtle plug.
  • Mark
    I think you mean Swindle Store. Anyone that cares about consumers rights and not getting stiffed, wouldn't own a Amazon Swindle.... Get a EPUB reader instead, and stop the Amazon lock-down.

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