DSGi goes overboard with iPad marketing campaign in Bath

Bitterwallet - iPad marketing campaign in Bath

[@hugh_d on Twitter] via [TwitPic]


  • Sat S.
    WTF...is dis real?
  • Dirty F.
    Someones done that with a pen
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @dirty fox. BS. It was an iPen.
  • raptorcigs
    not exactly fuckin Icandy iz it
  • The B.
    Impressive, who knew that those from the West Country could even hold pens without opposable thumbs?
  • Max
    The currys and PCworld websites don't actually show the iPad as being available in bath : http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/iPad_stores-869-commercial.html And similar for PCworld. iFail...
  • Morocco
    This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.
  • brendan b.
    What's not shown is the brand new Apple Store almost opposite this Currys/PCW. I'm surprised they even bothered ordering any in as no one is gonna buy one from there when there's a flash Apple shop a few meters away who sell it for the same price.
  • curryspcworldbath
    i drew that because dsgi sent no pos out to the store to promote the ipad. it's the typical bs we have to deal with working for dsgi
  • the r.
    @ curryspcworldbath even so mate you could of done something a tad better, couldn't you??
  • Fritzel
    lol @ morocco
  • DKNIGHT.2007
    There might be a 'flashy' apple store opposite but they know nothing. Was in there asking for advice on a few of their products and they had to check with each other to confirm what they know. I'm no tech wiz but you should know what your selling. Popped across to the new Currys/Pcworld store and they were more than happy to help offering demos when possible.
  • Grammar N.
    @ the voice of reason 'have'. Could 'have'. *sigh*
  • blah b.
    The guy taking the pic, in the reflection, looks like his arse is gonna fall out. Well the point of sale worked! it got our attention & prob the majority of people walking past. I bet they sold out in that store - so in your face!
  • Hugh_d
    I am the guy who took the picture and I am happy to inform you that my arse didn't fall out. I know this because I'm sitting on it right now.
  • iloveDSGI
    you are all a bunch of sad bastrds get to work hahahahaah wankers pc world rules the electrical market way n fuck
  • Jenny_s
    I use Farpoint the Apple store at the other end of town. They really do know their stuff and do repairs on site. They look smarter which is important when you are spending so much money with them. Who wants to hand over £1000+ to a kid in a t-shirt and more holes in their face than my spaggetti strainer? What are Apple thinking?

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