DSGi exclusive iPad deal might mean a long wait for yours

When DSGi denied having any confirmed plans to sell the iPad in the UK, we didn't believe them - we'd heard from a couple of sources close to the company that their PC World and Currys stores had an exclusive 60 day window to sell them. Some of the details were confirmed by a screenshot of DSGi's intranet that appeared on Mac Rumours a couple of days ago:

Bitterwallet - DSGi selling iPad exclusively

Today we received a full list of all the DSGi stores that will be stocking the iPad from next Friday, which you can download here [PDF]. A quick look will tells us that not all stores will be stocking the iPad - this is important, because we're also told that stores not stocking it are not allowed to take orders for them.

In other words, if your local PC World or Currys isn't stocking them, and you don't have a local Apple store, you'll have to order your iPad online - and that currently means waiting until after 7 June.


  • Fatal E.
    Meh. Is there a reason DSGi don't carry any decent MP3 players apart from iPods? I'm sure they used to sell Creative ones, but when I go in now they just have iPods or some cheap shitty chinese ones. It made me wonder if there was a deal with Apple to not carry much in the way of competition.
  • Klingelton
    nope. DSGi are just twats.
  • One t.
    Old news, I read this on my iPad whilst driving to work in my BMW yesterday.
  • kfcws
    Yup, was in there yesterday and they are training for the iPad launch. Shoulder surfed for a minute or two, seems pretty basic stuff..... what colour is the iPda etc.
  • leeisgod
    WTF Is dis real No jst f###ing boring
  • Nobby
    Is the little wait really that big a deal, or is the whole point of these to be the first one seen using it?
  • leeisnotagod
    you suck dude dsgi rule
  • iPadsaremylife
    Yes my store is down twice. I dont want an iPad, but it means that all the cunts in town will be in one of two buildings and I can burn them down.
  • Big G.
    WTF? 1574 RC17 BRISTOLpetrolstation Currys/PCW haz petrol stations?!
  • Klingelton
    I can't believe we have purple shirts selling iPads. they will be mis-informing customers all over the place, selling iPod sleeves as wallets and upselling windows 95 with the device. Not to mention the anti-virus.
  • greg
    along with pc world employees, my cat also uses frontline
  • ipadbod
    @ Greg; Haha
  • Mr G.
    Risky strategy for Apple to make people wait: they might realise while they are waiting that they don't need an iPad while the economy is nose-diving into the great poo-bucket of recession.
  • dunfyboy
    "they will be mis-informing customers all over the place" People who will buy an underpowered, underspec'd computer that they have to hold to use can't be reasoned with. Might as well have DSG employees selling it to them.
  • scottvr46
    apple geeks will buy apple guff from anyone .. .. well done to dsg for getting an exclusive .. .. bet best buy wish they had!!
  • smudger
    Bitter bitterwallet, get over it, DSG are the best place to sell this device and I think Apple would know better than you. Up The DSG sales force
  • AC
    This list is not real. Probably a list of Somerfield stores that haven't rebranded as Co-Op yet or something... None of the "store numbers" match those on the Currys/PCW websites.
  • robert s.
    sorry to tell you scottvr46, but best buy are selling ipads from launch day... the exclusivity deal is not applicable to best buy as they only have one store open for business right now, two if you include southampton opening friday on launch day, both will be stocking it. check the website :) and apples press release also states that best buy will also be stocking ipads from launch... not exactly gonna affect dsg in a big way with just two sites in operation so still a major coup for dsg over comet, john lewis etc...
  • robert s.
    http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2010/05/25/dixons_apple_exclusive/ there you go... exclusivity doesnt effect best buy ;)
  • Tara
    The 60 day exclusivity period for DSGi finished a few days ago, but there's no sign of any other retailers stocking it yet.
  • Prince D.
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  • Salomea
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