Down the rabbit hole with Ann Summers, Google and the iPad

As sent in by HUKD member hdizzle - 'it seems everyone is using the iPad as a commercial scapegoat, including the sex industry'.

We're not quite sure what the Ann Summer's marketing department is up to, but we've checked the link - several times - and can indeed confirm an extensive range of... technology:

Bitterwallet - iPad and Ann Summers


  • Junkyard
    Will the iPad give you better phone sex? No. Because it isn't a phone.
  • MrRobin
    Pffft. Phone sex is for your mum and her Greek yacht owning lover. Webcam sex chat is where it's at. And the iPad won't help there either as it ain't got one!
  • Nobby
    Didn't apple also have a bit of a spat with Ann Summers a few years back over the iGasm?
  • Ian
    I bet that was the worst converting PPC campaign of all all time until it got this free coverage.
  • nobby
    You do know that is an affilitate link, and not a direct ann summers advert, don't you? Yes, of course you do, and you wouldn't write a pointless article without knowing what you are talking about, would you? No, didn't think so.
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