Don't have an iPad? You're less significant than Karl Lagerfeld's cat then

She's called Choupette - isn't she special?


The pampered pussy eats at the dinner table with fashion designer Karl, and also has two full-time maids that provide 24-hour care for her. Look at you, with your Fray Bentos tinned pie. You're nothing compared to Choupette are you? Scum.



  • Wonkey H.
    Dawson. Apple story. Go figure.
  • Coco C.
    So King Karl likes pussies, now?
  • The M.
    and £300 richer than it too.
  • Rich
    How does his white iPad have a black home button??
  • Tweedskin
    And I meant "their"....Just in case the real Bob is reading....
  • Pedro
    I wonder if Choupette has the app for controlling the Orvillecopter.
  • Mike H.
    Why do you shitheads come here? This is my website where I pontificate on the important things in life like why I hate BMW drivers so much. I also use to declare how I great I am and how shit all of you are, just fuck off and let me rant myself into a frenzy of ill informed hyperbole and bullshit I don't properly comprehend. Just imagine how great I will be when I'm an adult, I will rule the world and my thingy will get all big and I will be able to drink beer and touch lady parts.
  • Mike H.
    Like I don't know a lot of things but it doesn't stop me spouting constant amounts of shit about them.

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