Don't fret - a cheapo Chinese Kindle is coming!

There’s still no sign of a UK release for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. Over in the States, they’re already on to Kindle 2 and the super-sized Kindle DX was announced two months ago. Bah, curses and that.

Over here, we’re having to settle for the (admittedly mighty) Sony e-reader and the Stanza app allows you to read books on the iPhone, but it seems that Amazon have completely forgotten about us lot when it comes to bunging some Kindles across the pond.

We might not have to wait much longer – a new, cheaper Chinese clone (on the left of the picture) called the Wefound could make it first. Mind you, the design of the thing might be of some interest to Amazon’s gimlet-eyed legal eagles, seeing as how it looks almost exactly the same as the Kindle 2.

Should it make it to market, the Wefound will naturally be cheaper than the Kindle. It’s supposedly launching later in the year but we reckon that for all its smart looks, it’ll be like having a thoroughbred racehorse that’s actually filled up with a mixture of plum jam, shredded newspaper and talc.



  • > H.
    "There’s still no sign of a UK release for Amazon’s Kindle e-reader." That's mainly due to the fact we're not as thick as the Americans (debateable), and we don't buy useless shite like this, although, some of us do buy shite like the iPhone, shite.
  • Joff
    I'll look great reading that in the back of my Geely Rolls Royce, taking calls on my HiPhone.

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