Della: Dell's new site upsets women

Are you an attractive, slender blonde bird who likes reclining with a notebook computer that matches her couch? Or a woman who likes to sit in a meadow with your laptop, checking out new recipes for risotto or something equally exciting? If so, you're in luck.

The recent launch of Dell's site "Della," made especially for women, was so tone deaf that I'm pretty sure I heard Simon Cowell making retching noises and grumbling angrily in the background.

Yeah. Other people have complained, too, perhaps none so eloquently as Kate Craig-Wood, the managing director at Memset Ltd. Dedicated Hosting. Seriously, go read it then come right back.

So, for the corporate suits who think they "get" women, here are some thoughts:

1. Painting/wearing/carrying something pink doesn't automatically make women love it. Or a man gay. Ok, just a little.

2. Women use computers for things other than fashion and makeup tips. Think: Twitter.

3. The year is 2009. Women do things like win the Nobel Peace Prize, fly the Space Shuttle, and die on battlefields.

Furthermore, as Lindsay Lohan has proved, most women have better things to do than worry about their house looking perfect.

In other tech news: Dell has a new job opening for a corporate damage control expert. Oh nevermind. It looks like they've just filled the post, and made some changes to the Della site already...



  • Eddiex
    Looks great , unless your a lesbian.
  • Darren
    I honestly dont see what her problem is, I cant believe she is getting offended by Dell saying that women can use there laptops for recipe hunting, fitness etc... I don't ever see my missus grabbing my laptop to lookup piratebay, networking or trying to work out how to get access to my servers in the loft, this woman needs to get a life I think. the problem with IT geeks is this, you work, live and breathe IT and still think that computers should be used for that and that only!! and thats her problem, good on Dell for this AD campaign and as for Kate at Memset... get a life you sad ass.
  • Mike H.
    Birds shouldn't be using computers anyway, they should either, and there's a choice* 1. In the kitchen 2. Cleaning 3. Shopping (for food, not clothes) 4. Ironing (1 and 4 can be combined if allowed by the male) 5. Massaging or performing an act of oral sex on the male Under no circumstances, should the female be allowed on the computer, this could lead to purchases or writting letters to complain of sexism. *Males choice
  • bernard b.
    I was surprised that there was no mention of an app to organise them recipe's to keep your man happy.
  • Eddiex
    Maybe should change the title to upsets a woman
  • Nobby
    They should have put some kittens on the site to satisfy her.
  • nerd.
    That's all well and good but my girlfriend is currently in the market for a laptop and it being pink seems to be top of her selection criteria, way above performance, features, etc. And I'm not gloating, I've been trying to convince her looks aren't everything since we met - but apparently I've failed :(
  • The B.
    Tell the bitch to shut up, get back in the kitchen and put my friggin dinner on.
  • Jack
    But what do women know eh
  • Jack
    hahahahaha awesome comments from 'The Real Bob' and 'bawbag'
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  • Sam
    Hmm, I'm a woman and I wasn't offended (except that it's Dell, yuck) I'm a gamer, I do image retouching, graphics, digital art, page design and a bit of A/V as well. I'm also a mom who likes to cook for my family, since I have a family I do also need to budget, I have health troubles so I try to stay relatively healthy and in shape, I have many appointments to keep in order and I happen to enjoy a few "shallow and girly" things like makeup and style. I don't wear just one hat as a woman and I;m not offended by someone suggesting that I may wish to do things other than the standard "fight the man/be the man" things that women are supposed to do these days, hell I know men who enjoy the things this woman was disgruntled about! I think she needs to let go of her own self esteem and confidence issues and realize that not all women are made the same, not more but certainly no less--just different and I really think that she needs to stop trying to dictate what I (as a woman) am supposed to like/use MY computer for.
  • Brits B.
    [...] the hook for electronics recycling. In the past week, Dell has revamped its much-criticised “Della” site and now gives the OK for females to go ahead and worry their pretty little heads about [...]
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