Dell Streak will be free on £25 per month contract

1 June 2010

Plenty of people seem very excitable about the arrival of the Dell Streak on Friday - an Android-enabled media player and web browser with a five inch screen, but so far we haven't known anything about the pricing.  Well, Engadget have received the press release from the Carphone Warehouse with the details, and it seems fairly clear that they're going for the jugular of Jobs.

The Dell Streak will be available in "selected stores" of the Carphone Warehouse, and will be free on a £25 a month contract with mobile broadband on O2, or a £35 a month contract with voice and unlimited data. If you want to buy a Streak outright, it'll cost you £429 - the same price as the basic iPad.

EDIT: Dell Streak now available from O2



  • Dirty F.
    But its not an ipad...
  • Lumoruk
    Looks 10x better than the iPad...sexier name too
  • weirdasfuck
    "seems fairly clear that they’re going for the jugular of Jobs." With a big fucking knife i hope, Smug twat
  • smashingnicey
    streak! STREAK! So we have apple's portable tablet that sounds like a tampon and this one's the proverbial ...of piss. What next, microsoft's pantsmear, sony's jizzdrop? Kind of reminds me when Newcastle Uni were about to change their branding to Central University of Newcastle upon Tyne.
  • The B.
    Hmmm, Dell or Apple, decisions, decisions, do you choose customer service or a shite OS?

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