Dell bares all to compete with Apple, launches the Streak

The first device to be described as an iPad rival arrives in the UK next month; O2 have announced they will be exclusive suppliers of the Dell Streak. It was first seen at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, but the news of an early June launch has only just been made official.

Bitterwallet - Dell Streak
To be fair, a comparison to the iPad isn't totally accurate; while it's a handheld touchscreen tablet, it only has a five inch screen (compared to the iPad's 9.7 inch screen). It'll have 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth and - and this is the bit where it does beat Apple - a 5 megapixel camera with a LED flash. For the OS, the Dell Streak will be packing Android.

According to reports, Dell are also looking to launch a 7 inch (the Dell Looking Glass) and a 10inch device in the future. No pricing tariffs have been announced by O2 yet, but expect similar pricing to the iPad tariffs. A ten inch product makes sense, even a 7 inch - but does a 5 inch screen really have any more value over a smartphone - to the point where you'd take up a second data tariff?


  • Alexis
    It might as well have "POVERTY iPAD" printed on the front of it.
  • Hershel R.
    @ Alexis Yes because we should all pay more for something that does less aslong as it looks sexy and has an 'i' in front of it.
  • stu
    maybe we should pay more for something that is much bigger and isnt another android phone. thats all this is a big phone! also isnt this price comparison silly! the iPad is not subsidised so no contract, yet the dell is subsidised so of course its cheaper.
  • Happy C.
    Back in the day the only i-prefixed tech gadgets was the iPaq. And that was terrible.
  • Fatal E.
    Because Apple invented tablets. Meh, Sounds shit. What's a 5" device good for? Too big for portability, too small for casual use.
  • Hershel R.
    stu- what is the ipad other than a big iphone? And if you read the story you would have found that they are looking to launch larger versions. Don't get me wrong I think this will be useless, but no more useless than the ipad is.
  • stu
    the iPad cant be used as a phone so its a big iPod touch ;) Im not saying its 'magical' but it is imo at least a large media player/tablet media device, and 10" media tablet type things eg the archos line are either as expensive as the iPad or resistive screens with 4 hour battery life. the dell streak should be being compared to an iPhone which can be bought for LESS than the streak on a contract. so actually its not a cheap iPad type device anymore than its a cheap Television! its a new phone by Dell!
  • Hershel R.
    Good point
  • ipadbod
    "To be fair, a comparison to the iPad isn’t totally accurate" Damn right. It's more akin to the already existing Archos Internet Tablet (albeit with added webcam).
  • Ichi
    Tablet pcs have been around for ages. They had a bit of a boom in the early 2000s. Funny enough some of them are more powerful than the Ipad. You're much better off getting an older windows based tablet than an Ipad. You might lose that fancy Apple GUI and touch screen gimmick but in it's stead you'll have a portable pc capable of running a far greater variety of software. Not to mention they can be picked up a lot cheaper than the Ipad which is overpriced for what it is (You can get a top-range netbook with superior hardware for that price and it's more portable too & has a keyboard)
  • That t.
    That's true Ichi, but it just isn't the same, peole go for iPod/iPhones/iPads over any other rival becasue they just have 'something' about them, regardless of cost and function.
  • Ichi
    Its' true. It's a shame really. I got given an ipod touch a while back and gave it away again because my little Sony Ericsson MP3 player blows the pants off it for sound quality; I had a samsung mp3 player prior to that and the sound from that was much better too. I guess it doesn't matter nowadays though with so many people just buying MP3 albums running at a rubbish 192kbps.
  • Alexis
    Posted by Hershel Rajikistan | May 25th, 2010 at 12:20 pm @ Alexis Yes because we should all pay more for something that does less aslong as it looks sexy and has an ‘i’ in front of it. Er, well yes. It does look sexy. Demonstrate that you buy a tablet computer in the same way you buy a fridge freezer and you just look like a cheapskate.
  • Hershel R.
    I have no issue with people buying things because they look nice, it's all personal preference. But I think to label someone a cheapskate because they prefer value and functionality over style is a little pathetic and rather childish. In fact it's the kind of thing that a BMW/Audi driving tosser would do. (I'm not saying all BWM/Audi drivers are tossers, but it's that kind of "look at me I paid a lot of money so that you'd think I'm cool" kind of mentality that is similar across the board.)
  • stu
    I used to have the toshiba tablet PC maybe 6 years ago... and it was a great tablet PC but it isnt a great 'tablet' . it was heavy, hot and only 4 hours battery it was large. The iPad ISNT a tablet !PC! its a new type of device best described maybe as a 'media internet tablet' its an awful PC! if you need/want a tablet PC why would you get an iPad anymore than you would by a creative zen PMP? the iPad is currently the best way to read comics/ wwatch films and play some games, view internet etc on a portable large screened 8" plus device.
  • stu
    Ichi and fitlass - but the comparison here is why buy a porsche when you could buy a pickup truck! the pickup will seat 4 people and go off road and let you tow a caravan! AND the porsche is more expensive! I buy a porsche/iPad because it suits MY needs more than the cheaper more flexible device! I want long battery life, no heat, small format, etc NOT a great big multi function device AND im willing to pay what they are asking. that doesnt make me an idiot or someone who needs something different an idiot. its just different strokes for different folks!
  • Alexis
    @ Herschel Yes, it is childish to a degree. But then Jeremy Clarkson makes a living on TV saying pretty much the same kind of things every week! I've no problem with people buying things for functionality - it just annoys me when people berate others with expensive things because THEY can't see the value in them. I suppose I'm not having a go at you - I'm having a go at Dell - the epitome of the pile 'em high sell 'em cheap manufacturer, who tries to imitate quality products by producing a poor facsimile.
  • Amanda H.
    I want a 40" iPad, so I can discretely watch hardcore on the train.
  • Mr G.
    For the price of an iPud I could get a decent netbook, a phone, a camera, a bag of puppies, a Thai bride and 4lb of apples, And probably still have enough money left over for a bag of Werthless Originals. Just sayin'

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