Deathwatch: RIP the Microsoft Zune

Zune FAIL.The war is over and the winner has been decided. We refer of course to the war between the Apple iPod and the Microsoft Zune. They’re the two portable music players that have gone toe-to-toe with each other in recent years, but the iPod has won by default after it was announced that Microsoft are abandoning the Zune.

A ‘source familiar with the situation’ has said that although the Zune music service will remain, the player itself will be allowed to slip away into the distance, abandoned like a disappointing guinea pig or a shitty old auntie.

Microsoft will now focus on pushing the Zune service to users of Windows Phone 7 devices. If this story has upset you in any way, we apologise but point out that it’s Microsoft’s fault and not ours.


  • brian
    why would it upset us? The Zune was never officially released in Europe. Another epic fail from MS. Wish they would get their act together and bring out something new that works instead of relying on Windows and Office to generate the majority of their revenue.
  • Phil
    @Brian - Something like the Xbox then?
  • Jon
    lol @ xbox Works hahaha the xbox360 has had a bigger failure rate than any other hardware item ever released by microsoft
  • Johnny Z.
    Pity. I own an 80GB Zune and have always liked it, the software is infinitely better than the God-awful iTunes and the screen is excellent quality. The touch sensitive + tactile 4 way controller is brilliant. Not releasing it in Europe was an inexplicable decision.
  • Zleet
    Should have spent less time on the technology and more time on design and ads aimed at people with soul patches and beanie hats.
  • brian
    Xbox is still only a small percentage of MSFT's total revenue stream. MSFT still rely heavily on Windows and Office to bring in the money. Both products being over 20 years old (Windows was released in 1985 and Office in 1990)

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