Deathwatch: As Comet announce losses, are Best Buy looking to swallow up Dixons?

retail deathwatch Do you know what the ‘Come’ in ‘Comet’ is short for today? It’s short for ‘Comeback’. That’s because the turnaround for the ailing electrical retailer starts here!

It’s all in spite of the fact that Comet has seen a 6.8% drop in sales over the past 12 months, leading to a £9 million loss. Oh, and the sad news that 17 stores are to close, with nine of them shutting down this year.

But chairman David Newlands says that “We have a strong turnaround plan for Comet to restore its profitability” although he wasn’t prepared to blah-blah about what that might be. Comet owner Kesa are believed to be considering flogging the whole thing off and retreating back to the continent. So, as we said, it's ALL ABOUT THE COMEBACK!

Which brings us to more curious news. Retail Week are reporting that Best Buy are considering a bid for Dixons, who themselves are expected to announce some less-than-spectacular trading results tomorrow. Could the whole of the UK electrical retail scene be about to spin right off its hinge? We’re almost wetting ourselves with excitement here.


  • Marky M.
    If they do buy Dixons, will they be sold an extended warranty too?
  • Phil
    Well PCWorld/Currys are bad, and bestbuy (uk) are just as bad so do two bads make a good or an even worse?
  • steve
    Couldn't beleive the over priced pricing when Best Buy opened locally. Good luck to them.
  • Expendable B.
    I've never been to a Best Buy, but is their stuff actually overpriced, or do they just have a sensible trading plan rather than Dixons' "Drop margin to a ludicrously low level, hope to recoup on overpriced addons" way of doing?
  • Dick
    Swallow up Dixons. Sounds like an Alan Partridge quotation.
  • StauntonLick
    Dixons' death cant come soon enough. Bought an iPad from them recently - they ended up sending me three for some reason. Which would have been great, but they charged me for all of them, causing the bank to put my account on lockdown and leave me without any money all weekend. Then when I called up to complain they had none of it, basically treated me like an idiot. Which is probably fair enough really, considering I chose to buy something from them HO HO HO!
  • Slim
    StauntonLick - sounds like you have a serious case of sausage fingers and just mash them on your keyboard when you reach the checkout...
  • Troll
    "Bought an iPad from them recently" And you want sympathy?
  • simon
    currys/ pc world are in worse financial difficulty than anyone! hardly surprising really! dreadful customer service and product knowledge is zero!
  • commy
    people wishing for a massive group like Dixons to go bus are twats. 40,000+ people suddenly effect on the economy of the UK at all.
  • Dick
    > 40,000+ people They can get paper rounds like other teenagers.
  • Tim
    That or a job in Halfords where most the Dixons rejects go anyway.
  • commy
  • Expendable B.
    A fair point, except Comet, Currys and Halfords traditionally operate in retail parks, so surely their demise actually strengthens the high street?
  • Dave
    Maplin are showing huge growth and opening lots of new stores. Great product knowledge, great service and the company is doing well. Correlation?
  • an e.
    now currys have old adds on tv, instead of new ones
  • pc p.
    Seriously you guys are all absolute idiots! yes some prices are higher than other places (mainly internet) which you can't match so just go online if you want it @ that price! But come on the company has gone through a huge customer service driven turnaround! I think a lot of customers believe they can walk into a shop & just get everything for nothing! Grow up! You should all be worrying about petrol prices, gas & electric, crime & all the IMPORTANT things in life! Rather than being keyboard warriors! Dixons staff are very knowledgeable now! And if they don't know the answer google is their friend ;) ciao
  • pc p.
    one more thing as well! I don't go into sainsburys and ask for some free milk with my purchase of teabags I just buy them both together. People always go into pcworld/currys and ask for freebies for fuck all! Do I get a free bag with this? Yes sir you can have one of our stylish carrier bags :) What comes free with this laptop? A smile and some fantastic service :D again just idiots! this country now also feels that cheap means good value! does it fuck buying a £300 laptop and expecting it to last 5 years is just stupid! pay £999 and get yourself a macbook pro! they pay for themselves in the long run :)
  • dvdj
    I think if they sack off that annoying ugly Scottish bint Edith Bowman off their adverts their sales will improve ten-fold. I'm happy doing a workshop with them for more gems.
  • Bob P.
    PC World are shit to work for, I worked for them for 2 years up and till 1 month ago, so glad to get out and get a proper job which pays more than what they pay their robots... the management have about as much charisma then a wet blanket and most of the younger managers that are 23 years old don't know their arses from their elbows.

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