DEAL KLAXON! Major price drop looming for Acer laptops?

acer-logo Remember the wine lake and the butter mountain? Fictional collections of surplus stuff that used to be spoken about in hushed tones wherever you went? Well soon we could all fall under the spell of the laptop robot – a terrifying made-up beast fashioned from Acer laptops. Sounds terrifying, but in fact it could be great.

That’s because Acer have a surplus of unsold stock, and more than three million laptops could be flooding the European market over the next few weeks – almost certainly at seriously reduced prices.

According to Reg, Dixons are “aware [of the Acer situation] and awaiting more detail before making any decisions.” Acer themselves are saying nothing and as yet, we know of no other retailers who might be looking to carry the surplus stock. But if you’re thinking about investing in a new laptop soon, it might well be worth waiting for a while to see what happens. You could always spend any money you save on wine and butter. Mmmm... wine and butter.....


  • WTF
    WTF, Is it Real???
  • andy y.
    Makes no sense,post Japanese earthquake the hardware industry is full of specific part shortages.Acer is Taiwanese outfit but still will use Japanese bits of kit here and there. I think this is a bit of free publicity.Let's see and indeed MrWTF I share your sentiments
  • BR
    Or Dixons may only reduce them a little bit and make more profit, as they need all the profit they can get!!
  • Zleet
    So £500 becomes £499.95 then? At least it will in Dixons.

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