Deal Attack: Microsoft Windows 7 – now only £44.97. £25 off!

467244This one has almost flown right off the HotUKDeals heat-measuring scale over the weekend since it was posted on Saturday lunchtime by HUKD member AD7.

It’s the full version of Windows 7 Home Premium and although it’s reduced to £49.97, there’s a £5 off voucher code you can use as well, bringing the price down to £44.97 with free delivery. Go via Quidco and you’re looking at another couple of pounds saved.

With some glowing reviews from those who have tried it out ahead of its release, if you run Windows, can you really afford not to invest in this one?


  • mark
    stupidly hot, can't really figure out why but it is a good deal
  • McBastard
    Windows 7 is still very premature. Do not overestimate it. If you want a stable platform, continue to use XP or Vista until Windows 7 matures a bit more. I would go as far as saying it needs an additional year to be truly stable.
  • Joe B.
    I've been using the release candidate for months. Even with immature drivers, it's been far better than Windows Vista ever was. It's just as solid, if not more so, than Windows XP.
  • Wilko
    I've also been using the pre-release for months. It's never let me down yet. I use XP on my works laptop, and Windows 7 is far superior in every way.
  • equalityforall
    Shame this version doesn't come with the Windows XP emulator, allowing you to run XP compatible software etc. If you want 7 now, I'd recommend getting one of the higher spec'd versions.
  • Andy
    I also have been using Windows 7 since release on MSDN and I have to say it great! No crashes not one, runs all my stuff without problem stable as hell. Its fast and once you get used to the task bar simple to use. Now Vista on the other hand I installed that as a RTM and well that was slow, buggy crashed every 5 mins and got deleted 1 day after installing. Windows 7 on the other hand is my OS of choice now, even put it on my Samsung netbook and it runs faster than it did with Win XP Andy

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