Daddy, why isn't this paper iPad working?

This is weird and slightly scary. It’s a one-year-old who clearly spends a lot of time playing with an iPad. Give her a magazine though and she’s a bit baffled.

Welcome to the future.



  • Mark
    Well - That wasted one minute of my life watching that pointless shite....
  • Tom
    Uhmm no, give a young child a book and they point to object and pull at promotional inserts even if they have had no introduction to any tablet device. Mind you BW had added this story to gain comments, so I will now delete this comment.
  • Tom
    Just look at youtube and seen the comments etc, this video wsa clearly made by a marketing company to make a viral statement of which you don't know yet. Maybe it's just to get youtube hits etc who knows/cares. Children are not stupid, that child will know the difference between an ipad and a book etc. It has a different texture, it does not light up etc.
  • Richard M.
    This is a video of a child pointing and prodding randomly at an iPad and then pointing and prodding randomly at a couple of magazines. I would suggest that the child actually comprehends neither, and that this "weird and slightly scary" video is a load of bollocks over nothing. Bitterwallet, I feel that you've been rather fished in into promoting this perhaps. I thank you.
  • Child P.
    @Tom Children are stupid. That child will learn the difference then not be as stupid.
  • Parents F.
    Steve Jobs has not encoded anything as part of her OS The stupid parent has the responsibility to allow/restrict access to certain parts of life. This is the parents decision and the parents upbringing of the child.
  • Exit B.
    F*cking twat for letting a child play with an expensive bit of gadgetry. Obviously more money than sense.

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