Currys and PC World to sell the iPad exclusively in DSGi deal?

We receive a lot of rumours and half-truths through the email. Some of them are utter nonsense from the first word, others less so.

Here's an anonymous email we received a couple of days ago, and despite our best attempts to verify it, we can't. There may a good reason for that, but at the same time it makes sense considering the US launch of Apple's iPad. We're going to share it anyway, since it does no harm for you know about it:

Thought you might like to know that DSGi will have the exclusive on the iPad for 60 days after launch. No official dates as yet though.

This was told to me by a senior store manager, so a reliable source. I also know that the night before launch there will be an out-of-hours merchandising operation in place to fit the demo stock into the specific stores.

It won't be all stores, but rather the ones that have Apple store in store or in-line solutions (mainly the bigger, refurbished stores). The intention is that store staff will have training on them before the public get them and that these stores will have stock in place to take away.

In the US where the iPad is already available, it can be purchased from either Apple or Best Buy, so it makes sense for Apple to seek a UK retailer to partner with.

Both the WiFi and 3G iPads are expected to go on sale in the UK at the end of May, and initially we couldn't imagine any mobile provider agreeing to supply data services and not the product. That said, AT&T, the mobile service provider for the iPad 3G data services in the US, isn't selling any version of the device, despite it being available on pre-order from Apple. In fact, AT&T have nothing to do with the sale of their own data tariffs - a customer buys a 3G data bundles through their iPad, not AT&T. Apple seem keen for the iPad to be considered a computer rather than a larger, grown-up mobile device, which may be why mobile retailers won't be asked to sell the iPad.

We asked DSGi what their current plans to stock the iPad upon its release at the end of May, and whether a deal had already been struck with Apple to sell the iPad yet. A spokesperson told us:

"You'll have to ask Apple about their launch plans. All we can tell you is we're very excited about this product and we're confident customers will love it!"

Which didn't really answer our question. Listen, if it does turn out to be true, you read it here first. If it doesn't, nobody died.


  • Alexis
    Why would Apple want to be involved with such a woeful company? The Apple produces just sit in the corner, gathering dust.
  • Whaaaa
    Buy a laptop not this overhyped overpriced crippled piece of ****
  • Codify
    WTF? DIS IS NOT REAL! Seriously, this is utter nonsense.
  • Awah S.
    This can't be true as it mentions training staff which would never happen with DSGi
  • another p.
    'There may a good reason........' There may be a good reason ' read it hear first.' - here Will this be know as the 'Jesus-Pad'?
  • Terry
    There is an APPLE training course for DSGI staff members on the iPad which is run by Apple! Sooo booyyyah!!
  • Fatal E.
    Who gives a shit? And when did this blog become the "every insignificant detail about an insignificant device" blog?
  • Morocco
    Are Bitterwallet being paid by Apple for not shutting the fuck up about this pissing pointless thing?
  • John G.
    lol just imagine the returns ; "you said it was just like a laptop...". "'I can't run word'' '" I can't plug in a USB cable' ,"It won't work on the internet (can't run flash.." what a dream combination............
  • Junkyard
    "we couldn’t imagine any mobile provider agreeing to supply data services and not the product" I don't understand what say the mobile providers have in what device you use their SIM in? Is it just that it's harder to get your hands on micro-SIMs at the moment? "Apple seem keen for the iPad to be considered a computer" Perhaps they should let me install my own software on it then? A few USB ports wouldn't go amiss either.
  • dsgi j.
    I heard this a while back from my manager... but no-one believes him much anyway. Odd to see it mentioned again! We'll see, I guess. I'll wait till I see something in black and white over the intranet.
  • Vin
    This is true, my friend works for Currys and he was booked slot in London for training on iPad sometime next week. He explained me the similar thing in the post, so I can confirm DSGi will have exclusive rights to sell iPad in UK.
  • chadd
    i have alredy been on the DSGI i pad training ! pretty sweeet ! was with a lad called John Sheffield who has 10 i pads and did a 9-3pm hands on training !
  • ButterMan
    HMV and Waterstones have it too.
  • M4RKM
    Not really exclusivity, because Apple will be selling it themselves. Just buy online, then don't have to deal with a sales monkey... even Apple's sales Monkey yesterday was FUCKING annoying when I went to buy a MacBook Pro...
  • meek
    ipad version 1 will be a larger version of itouch. no phone facilities. no mobile broadband. just wifi. i beleive they will delay the UK launch of version two. the full mobile broadband version in 2011 once bestbuy stores pop up more. selling them in carpone warehouse and bestbuy stores exclusively. ipad just like a pc dont come with word out of the box, but as apple plan will have a app to sell and download from the app store for all your office needs. hope this helps
  • meek
    another hint from the apple inventors. is that with the N wi-fi and the HD quality screen they are in the process of making a GPU box to sit in your house to run and process the games and high-spec stuff and then wi-fi send the end result high def images to the ipad. and the ipad then wi-fi back the hand gestures.. so basically the GPU is gonna be like a desktop pc. doing the cd-reading and processing. and wi-fi replaces the old VGA/HDMI cable(screen cables) and the USB/PS/2 cable(keyboard, mouse) the ipad itself is the screen and the keyboard/mouse. hope this makes sense
  • meek
    imagine it playing high def games on a ipad.. preferably id call it a islate. seeing as lots are slating it. but the ipad is just the beginning. just like TV people thought it was limited to watching BBC. they then attached a spectrum pc to it and WOW table tennis.. then DVD players.. and look even now TV's are everywhere. hmm everyone at first wow'd at the new technology of TV in the last century, then got bored of the same limited shows. but look how its moved on same plan is happening with ipad. its the new screen, keyboard and mouse. you aint seen its true potential yet
  • Junkyard
    "but look how its moved on" You mean that we get treated to animated adverts for the next show while the previous one is still on? Fucking awesome. "its the new screen, keyboard and mouse" Er, yeah. Cock.
  • meek
    ipad aint gonna be the brain of computing. its going to be the paripheral. just like the old star trek. those slates they used were not controlling nothing, just displaying information from the main "computer"
  • ilovedsgi
    i personally think you are all a bunch of sad bastards for posting here lol
  • Kevin
    I can't see them being the only retailers. O2 for example would be the expected place to be able to buy them and they would also have the 3G contract for the future 3G version for one thing. And surely they'll actually be available in the Apple Stores!
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    @meek: You spew more shit out than Apple do. iPad. PAH!
  • meek
    people dont be haters. i myself am a windows user. i dont own a apple mac pc but i do have a iphone. i have had a cheap £30 phone from tesco and a PDA in the past i then upgraded to a HP Ipaq with built in phone. i loved it for years, and yes the iphone beats the hp ipaq hands down. for my business reasons i need the iphone. but dont be a hater simply becoz your hermits that live in caves that only require the £20 tesco phone. apple have made something good and i see the IPAD having more potential then having a netbook and tesco phone. if you can live on a tin of beans and a tesco phone fair do's but dont think something is bad simply because you dont need it. grow up
  • ole3
    i confirm that the iPad will be exclusively available from currys, currys digital and pc world selected stores from 28th may for 60 days before full release.
  • Curry A.
    I can confirm that from 28th May that DSGI will be retailing the iPad exclusively for 60 days. This was confirmed in a staff notice. In place of the iPad, Wireless router are currently being installed into the megastores and 500 hand picked staff have received training. However, DSGI did not confirm that they shall be retailing the product from the new date of the 7th June, as I am sure you are aware from the Apple Website that the date has changed. At present we are unaware of any pre-orders, however, it is likely that there will be a midnight launch for the product and special advertisement prior to it's launch advertising the device. (All details are subject to change and this is written with the intension to inform and not advertise!)
  • The B.
    [...] and their lead tech story is the Currys/Apple story. The story we published a month ago. Finger on the pulse, that’s what you’re expected to pay [...]

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