Could Nokia be readying an iPad-busting tablet?

59624.include It looks as though Nokia are getting ready to join in the tablet computing mayhem that has been sparked off by the launch of the iPad – and they’ve got their very own rootin’ tootin’ operating system to power their device with.

But that could prove to be a hindrance rather than a help with the iPhone OS, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 7 already there for developers to work with. Unless it’s red hot, Nokia’s MeeGo could wind up being ignored like the weird kid at school who used to make gagging noises whenever it was time to do long division. have reported that Nokia have teamed up with Intel for manufacture of the new tablet, with a possible release date of Autumn 2010 planned.

But Nokia haven’t exactly set the smartphone market alight, and the release of a half-arsed tablet could be another nail in their coffin, as other players step in and dominate.

It’s all looking a bit grim for the Finnish mobile giants to be honest. Any Nokia apologists out there who’d care to make a case for them…?


  • Lumoruk
    Stop chatting rubbish, there are more Nokia smart phones around than Google and Microsoft OS phomes put together. It's just most people who have them don't have a clue on how to use them.
  • Alex
    If it runs the new version of Maemo, it could be awesome (based on a linux kernel).
  • Ian
    Nokia have a history of tablets - N770,N800,N810 and phone/tablet N900 with lots of free apps at Is'nt the MeeGo based on the merger of Maemo and the Moblin stuff that is maturing just now?
  • MattWPBS
    "It’s all looking a bit grim for the Finnish mobile giants to be honest. Any Nokia apologists out there who’d care to make a case for them…?" You mean apart from the massive profits and everything...?
  • stefan
    Very unfair - just because Nokia phones aren't iPhones doesn't make them any less capable. I'm typing this from an n900 which is by far the most capable smartphone on the market, and my earlier n82 was very impressive too. I'd definitely consider a MeeGo pad if it had the same level of flexibility and capability as their Maemo devices, and there's nothing to suggest it wouldn't. If you're able tol look beyond glitzy advertising, and admittedly most people aren't, Nokia have always provided excellent mobiles and smartphones. Except the n97 turd.
  • hippy
    aslong as its like a mini laptop that i can just flick on and not wait for stuff to happen, ill be the first in the queue. but really i dont care for tablets/pads unless apple make one.....oh wait a minute!
  • Klingelton
    I'm sorry, Nokia lost me as a customer after the appauling N95. That handset was so bad that i went out and spent a whole load of money on a new HTC handset (before HTC was popular) and i've been a HTC fanboy since owning 3 and every single one has been amazing. in short, HTC need to make a tablet - they have 1 customer at least! Nokia, you've lost the smartphone market and the high value device market - best stick to rubbish coroporate phones and kiddie phones.

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