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We're like the bloke out of that film. The one with a lot of brides and a similar number of brothers. Like a bloke with six brothers, that's us. But instead of six similarly stupid brothers, we've a family of wholesome, wonderful blogs for getting lashed and singing about the ball and chain with.

The guys and dolls over at PlayPennies are giving you the chance to win a mighty shiny iPad 2. If you can combine the complimentary skills of frugality and avid wordsmithery, then it could be yours! Simply head over to, pretend to have a look at the rules and while you're there, read up on some smashing ways to save money for all the family.

Howard Keel, that's him.

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  • Petra P.
    > The guys and dolls over at PlayPennies Do the guys at PlayPennies write under ladies names, like on the rest of the internet? They do not look very male.

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