Competition - it's your last chance to win an Apple iPad!

Eight hours and counting, folks. Maybe you've been too busy playing in traffic. Maybe you've been Tony Blair. Whatever your excuse, you've less than 480 minutes remaining to enter our super-duper competition to win an Apple iPad!

Bitterwallet Apple iPad competition!

- if you haven’t already, subscribe to our email alerts; you can do this by entering your email address in the top right hand corner of the page where it says ‘Subscribe To Email Alerts!’ and completing the registration process. This counts as one entry.

- using your powers of cognitive thought and imagination, complete the following quote in 12 words or less:

“I would lose my virginity all over again to Bitterwallet if I won an Apple tablet, because…”

Post your completed quote in the comments of the original announcement - you'll find that here; we’re not judging them on grounds of content, so don’t take too long to compose it. Remember to include a valid email address in the appropriate field when you leave your comment – don’t worry, other readers can’t see it. This counts as one entry.

- If you’re on Twitter, tweet a link to this post (or simply retweet this one) and include the hashtag #bitterwallet. Don’t spam folk with multiple tweets as we’ll only be counting eligible accounts once. This counts as one entry.

Entry clsoes at 5pm today (Wednesday 3rd February), and you can enjoy further terms and conditions of that nature here.

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