Commercial Break: This Apple is rotten to the core!

Earlier today, Bitterwallet’s very own Paul Smith posted a couple of ads for Microsoft’s whizz-bang new version of their catchily-entitled Internet Explorer. Now our Paul has been accused of being something of an Apple fanboy, so in order to maintain some balance, here’s a brand new Apple ad that has just leaked on to the net.

Hmmm, looks like their crown could be on the brink of slipping… or it’s a Tim & Eric homage... or they’ve been consorting with the team behind Yo Gabba Gabba.

Hang on, it says 1977 here. Sorry.


  • lazygamer
    It's the first advert for an Apple computer, but its not an ad by Apple. Fucking wonderful ad regardless.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Where can i buy such a hi-tec computer (Apple 2)?
  • micky
    Ha, I always knew Apple were rotten, but this ad has just proven why they are a bad company and you should not buy a Mac from them. The company is nothing but a rotten organisation full of greecy haired arrogant geeks.

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