Commercial Break: Jobs loss was only temporary

Are you missing the ‘unique’ product launch style of Steve Jobs now that he’s well and truly ‘brown bread’? Miss him no longer – here’s a spookily accurate reproduction of what he might be up to now that he’s languishing in Heaven.

Apart from the wings, the biggest change seems to be that he’s now pimping hardware for a tablet company called Action rather than Apple. Oh, and the mild facelift.


  • Mike H.
    You didn't notice that at some point during his celestial journey, he became Taiwanese?
  • Mary H.
    Did Jobs die in his black St. Croix black mock turtleneck, blue Levi’s 501 jeans and his New Balance trainers?
  • Money I.
    So it was all media hype so we didn't know that Steve was moving to Taiwan to head up a company called Action?

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