Commercial Break: Every Geek's Dream - Strip Laptop-Comparison

Today’s advertorial offering is a bizarre commercial from the USA. It’s for a Lenovo W700ds laptop but we don’t think it’s the final version of the ad.

For starters, it looks as though it cost about eight dollars to make. Secondly, there seems to very little logic to the story they’re trying to tell. Thirdly, does the laptop REALLY have a little extra, slide-out screen.

Ultimately though, the girl in the ad is so hot she makes us drool and that's basically why we're showing you the ad. Yes, we ARE that shallow.


  • Robin
    Hmm... looks very top heavy. The laptop looks like it would have a heavy upper half too.
  • Gus
    as if I was paying attention at the laptop...
  • john d.
    good add, but it doesnt make up for the fact that laptops will always be behind desktops at double the price.
  • OFI
    Yes it does have that screen. Pretty stupid tbh.. as I understand it Lenovo are in financial trouble so they go and make this which surely can only be for a small niche market? The number of people who would find an extra little screen useful must be slim. Meanwhile companies that have been paying attention are building netbooks..
  • Rob
    John Doe - "laptops will always be behind desktops at double the price".........?? what a load of rubbish! Laptops already outsell desktops, so they're certainly not "behind" in terms of popularity. As for the "double the price" statement - you need to learn how to shop mate, cos they may be more expensive but they're nowhere near double the price.
  • lol
    yeah the screens are real
  • John
    In high performance, laptops are considerably more expensive - I recently bought a desktop machine with a C2D 3Ghz processor, 4GB ram, 4850 graphics card, 750GB HD and blu-ray drive for 500 quid. To get specs close to that on a laptop you're looking at around three times the price even allowing some more money for the desktop to get a monitor. I took advantage of Dell's Studio XPS offer to buy a new Core i7 system which is still cheaper than a midrange performance laptop even though the Core i7 system packs the 2.9Ghz i7 processor and 8GB ram. No laptop can come anywhere close to its performance regardless of price. In terms of high performance laptops are quite a bit behind at the moment and you pay a lot at the top end for a laptop as well. Having said all that I'm a big fan of laptops as they're what I use just about all the time, while I do pay through the nose for the machines particularly the high performance ones the fact that I can have that performance with me any time I want is usually worth the downsides. Everyone has different needs and requirements, it's just a matter of choosing the machine that fits those.
  • Republic B.
    typical of an american product. get a airhead to lose all her dignity and you might sell a product.
  • Anonomous
    True that laptops are much more expensive comparing like for like, but mid-range laptops are no longer unaffordable and most people don't have a need for the high end range. So in most cases, for an average user, its worth sacrificing some performance for portability.
  • John
    You're not sacrificing some performance for portability, you're sacrificing a lot of performance - a midrange laptop is around the 1000-1400 mark for a C2D 2.5Ghz processor and 9800m graphics card. The same price for a desktop will get you a Core i7 system which will blow a topend 2k+ laptop out of the water performance wise. For general use the performance difference is not much issue as many laptops now have more performance than people need anyway however for those people needing performance it is disappointing how far back laptops have dropped at the moment.
  • Paul
    Very good - Certainly makes me want a Lenovo
  • Ben
    John, John, John... Look at the girl. LOOK AT THE GIRL.

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