Coming soon - the touch-controlled device that will work when you touch yourself!

20 October 2011

Remember back in August, when we thought that an iPhone 5 was in development and that anything might be possible? Some cack-brained dreamers even came up with the idea that it might have a holographic display that could be projected on to any surface. Of course it was all pie in the sky, or was it?

Seemingly not. The dream is already well on its way to becoming a reality. Here’s a video from Chris Harrison, a PhD student in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. It showcases OmniTouch, which allows the user to project interactive touchscreens on to any surface.

Get a load of the future, everyone!


  • Heywood J.
    So is this better than the £3.99 projector keyboard from dealextreme ? Circa 2006
  • Shaune
    It's a bit laggy.
  • Dick
    I reckon they just pre-programmed the display then learnt the moves.
  • Mat
    This is old news. Check out SixthSense. The clever chaps at MIT (Where else?) have been doing something very similar for a few years now. much cooler as well.....

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