Clash of the titans - Windows meets the ZX Spectrum

I was an Acorn Electron kid, and didn't I know it - I really felt myself lacking when pitting my 32K up against the muscle of the Spectrum's 48K. The only love shared by owners of these machines was the tape drive - the act of loading up software from cassettes that made illegally copying games stupidly easy.

Anyway, if you've always wanted to see how the Windows empire would have played out had technology not developed beyond the Spectrum (and since I'm yet to see a Jet Set Willy release for the Wii, I refuse to believe it has) then today's your lucky day:


  • Deepz
    This is quality Just need to mention that it might not be good for people with epilepsy! I forgot how many flashy lights there were back in the day...
  • andy y.
    I remember when PEEK and POKE had nothing to do with child molesters
  • Smirnoff
    Brilliant ! The contrast cycle rate caused by the bad refresh rate and slow loading colour fill just brought back so many memories, now I wonder why nobody has done a Spectrum virtual machine image............
  • Andy D.
    Oh God, that felt good.
  • Mike e.
    Tapes? TAPES? Pray silence... for the MICRODRIVE motherfunkers!
  • Nobby
    Jet Set Willy was easy to copy, but wasn't that the one with that colour card to prevent piracy. Not that it worked...
  • Paul S.
    I can't remember the colour cards to be honest - I tried a JSW emulator recently but it's not the same. Sigh.
  • G
    I havent heard that noise for about 2 decades
  • goon
    "Posted by G | August 4th, 2009 at 4:33 pm I havent heard that noise for about 2 decades" I though exactly the same. i remeber having to tweak the pot on my cassette recorder on my 48k to get the pitch right. bit like tuning a guitar also remember the gutting feel when after waiting 15 minutes for the game to load it resetting right near the end ahh good old days. i wouldnt trade em to bad a kid nowadays with their 360's and what not. the excitement waiting for target renegade to load :)
  • goon
    also q, a, o, p and space were my favourite keys to redefine :)
  • Nick
    i was always a "q,w,p,l" sort of person
  • Zad
    No Spectrum game ever took 15 minutes (although it might have seemed like it) Unlike the C64 (whose tape worked at 300bps and the even floppy drive only worked at 1200bps) the Spectrum used a very non-standard 1500bps. This meant that even the big games only took 4 mins to load.
  • GreyScale
    Hmm I thought this was going to be something good, not just a mockup of a XP loading screen on a spectrum. If I create a PS3 logo Spectrum laoding screen, can I claim that it's PS3 on my Spectrum?
  • goon
    you're may be right on load time. remember things seem to take forever when you're a young kid
  • Mike e.

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