Chromecast's birthday - YOU get the gifts

chromecast To celebrate the year anniversary of Chromecast, Google are doling out freebies.

If you bought a streaming dongle which plugs into the HDMI port on yer telly, you will now get 90 days of unlimited music listening from the Google Play store for nothing.


Obviously Google hope you'll stick around and start paying once the offer runs out, but hey let's make no promises here.

The offer runs until the end of September. If you already have a Chromecast, then you can get with the offer, but existing subscribers to All Access can't get the free three months. And yeah, none of your nefarious signing out then in again - newcomers only.

The offer is set to run until the end of September, so all the way through the summer. Note that those who already have a Chromecast can avail themselves of this offer, too, but existing subscribers to All Access can't get the three free months, and neither can previous subscribers so you can't just cancel and then grab the offer. It's for newcomers only.


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