Cheaper Kindles on the way - but only if you want adverts

Bitterwallet - reduced cost Amazon KindleThere's a new Amazon promotion in the US - the "Kindle with Special Offers". It's a little like "friends with benefits", but with fewer special trouser kisses and less increasingly awkward small talk to compensate for the fact that you're still horsing the living daylights out of your mate on the sly and they're beginning to develop 'feelings'.

A little like that, anyway.

The full title of the offer is the unwieldy "Kindle with Special Offers & Sponsored Screensavers" - Amazon is offering is a cut-price Kindle WiFi in return for sponsored screensavers and a stream of Amazon-related offers such as cut-price bestsellers, albums and vouchers when you take out an Amazon-branded credit card. Yes, it's all an insidious but transparent ploy for Amazon to hook you in and sell more of their products - but then there's a cut price Kindle in it for you.

Amazon are keen to stress that they'll only bombard you with relevant ads; customers will be presented with pairs of sponsored screensavers and asked to select which one they prefer. There's no doubt some clever algorithm involved to ensure the whole process learns your tastes (if it doesn't know from your account already) so Amazon can scare more money out of you.

How much cheaper are the Kindles? The scheme is initially launching in the US, with a Kindle WiFi costing $114 (£70) instead of $139 (£85). Since a Kindle WiFi costs £111 on Amazon UK, it's likely that a similar scheme in this country would reduce the Kindle to a price point below £100, but only just.


  • Micky C.
    Some clever chap will no doubt be able to hack the firmware back to the standard models not long after they are released and the world will rejoice in being a pompous twat sat on the train/tube with your leather bound kindle holder
  • Sawyer
    According to Amazon, these will be displayed in-place of the current screensavers which are mostly creepy images of dead authors. Sounds like a fair trade off to me.
  • Not i.
    How much does Amazon make from the Advertising? Considering I would expect the Kindle to last many many years I would have wanted more than £15 off the retail price for putting up with annoying advertising
  • Steve
    I often think when reading a novel how it would be improved by including adverts like they do on the TV. I wonder if the next thing will be adding automated branding 'product placement' to comon products mentioned in novels?
  • Fiyero
    I would love advertising on the screen of my Kindle when it is off. I am bored of the current images. Not so sure about the mention of adverts on the home screen too that I have read elsewhere. The offers they are promoting seem too good to last though.

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