Cheap Blu Ray movies, finally. Yay!
Research funded by the British Video Association (BVA) shows that despite the recent global financial fiasco, uncontrollable unemployment, and rising bills, Blu-ray sales are better than ever. Year-to-date, sales of Blu-ray movies in the UK are up 396% and is just short of 1.5M units sold. So it's not just botox, then.

This is however still very short of US sales, mostly due to pricing discrepancies. But it is still a vast improvement from last years sales figures, as the increasing demand for Blu-ray discs and dropping prices on blue rays add to the already powerful momentum driving the high-def home theater segment. In fact, Blu-ray Disc titles are now selling for less than the cost of a single movie ticket.

In the spirit of gathering some good Blu Ray Deals, here's a few offers discovered by your fellow readers on HotUKDeals:

  • are giving 20% discount on some of their Blu Ray titles. As whizzkid points out, you can also pick up Spiderman Trilogy Blu Ray / Mission Impossible Trilogy Blu Ray for £17.99 each instore.
  • Morrisons from £6.99: Reader daveniuk found quite a few Blu-Rays at excellent prices in South Birmingham, including Saw III for £6.99.  Movies like War, Good Luck Chuck, The Condemned, The Eye were being sold for £8.99. daveniuk has also done some price check using Pricedevil and found several other titles that are cheaper if bought online. But it appears that not everyone know about Blu Rays. Reader d_dixon50 said he went to his local Morrisons and asked if they stocked Blu-Ray, and got the reply: "Is that a type of fish or cheese sir?"

As a final note, don't know if Blu Ray really makes a difference? You have to see it to believe it. Futuresource Director Jim Bottom said that once people could see and experience the benefits of Blu Ray, viewers would know the difference. So if you don't want to buy a new blu ray player to see what the craze is all about, just drop by your local Sony and indulge in a quick peek at Megan Fox starring in Transformers. The screen wont' be the only thing poppin'.


  • Cokeman
  • saxo_appeal
    At long last, the price of Blu rays are coming down....didnt take very long but at least their cheaper now well done to Mr Blu ray lol Now to build my Bluray collection...... :)
  • saywot
    "HMV is doing £5.99 each on 3+ purchases as well. " No hmv is not, thats amazon...
  • camaj
    When BD first came out there were BOGOF deals all the time on and the pound was worth about $2 so you could get two BD's for about £20 or even less. The problem is they went up once it started to get more popular, last year was a pretty bad year for prices, especially since the exchange rate has also dropped. At best, it's a return to those days, although I'm not that excited about the titles on offer.
  • The B.
    camaj is right, the titles on offer (bar the odd one or two) are huge turds.
  • Lon C.
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