Channel 4 launch free catch-up app for iPad

channel4_4od_crave iPad owners can feel even more smug than usual from today – that’s because they can now wander around with their so-called ‘tablet’ while watching slightly musty episodes of Come Dine With Me and Hollyoaks on it.

It’s all thanks to Channel 4’s new 4OD app, which launched for the iPad today, providing a seven-day catch-up of the shows from Channel 4, E4 and More 4. Although 4OD exists as a separate entity on YouTube, its shows haven’t been available on mobile devices, although a 4OD channel was launched on the PS3 last year (mind you, all PS3s are good for at the moment is stealing all your money).

We’ve fired up the office iPad and had a quick bash on the new 4OD app and the whole thing runs like a crappier, smaller-scale version of the BBC’s iPlayer, with less to choose from over a shorter archive period and big horrible minute-long adverts to sit through before you get to the goods. In these days of instant gratification, an unwanted 60-second advert can often seem more like a fortnight in Belmarsh prison. But the official Bitterwallet verdict is… it’s better than a kick in the gob.

And it’s free.

EDIT: Turns out you can watch 4OD on smartphones through YouTube, according to the comment below from Laurz. But this story isn't about a fucking smartphone. Still, eh?


  • Dick
    If they hadn't spent the rent money on an ipad, they would still have a home where they could watch them and would not need to watch them in the street.
  • Mark H.
    This pleases me. I use my iPad as a part time portable telly in the kitchen so the more content available the better.
  • laurz
    Thats odd because i've just watched 4 on demand on my htc desire. Its amazing how pretty much ALL smartphones can visit youtube and watch 4od isnt it... Another 'story' crowing about how apple users can do something that everyone can anyway. Reminds me of the story that iphone users could set their sky+ from their mobile years after id been doing it on my old nokia.

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