Can't find a HP Touchpad for love nor money? Check out HUKD

Bitterwallet - HP Touchpad Hot UK DealsIf you're after one of the bargain-priced HP Touchpads, you'll have probably discovered they're near-impossible to find. Before venturing into Fleshworld or even online, we recommend you get up to speed with the dedicated HP Touchpad thread on Hot UK Deals - already a staggering 326 pages long. Details of sources selling stock are being pasted up as they're discovered - but don't take our word for it, take that of a complete stranger who just mentioned it on Twitter:

Bitterwallet - HP Touchpad Hot UK Deals

Told you. Let us know if you're successful!


  • me
    Seriously... am I the only one who does not give a frap about getting a tablet?
  • PokeHerPete
    @me b-b-b-b-b-but its interweb tablet which you could install glitchy Android on
  • TechLogon
    @me - it's not just you. I can't see the fuss about them either - just a glorified phone, but without the phone...
  • dvdj10
    Whenever I see someone on the train using any sort of tablet I immediately think "retard wanker" So no, you're not alone.
  • andy y.
    In your inner rage.
  • MichaelG
    It's more about the price than the product. Sad, sad public.
  • The d.
    Sounds like a few people are a little jealous of us tablet owners.

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