Bridesmaid phones it in via Facetime at best friend's weddings

Your friend can't make it to your big day - whaddya do? Find a chum who can turn up to your wedding, or start pissing about about outdoor WiFi hubs and Facetime and generally putting yourself out so your mate can have a superficial presence at best? And so it's off to Denver, where no amount of effort is too much.

It's a little eerie, like a real-life version of Futurama with the usher carrying around a head in a jar.

[The Denver Channel]

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  • Captain C.
    So?? This is nothing,;after my girlfriend was refused a UK tourist visa I took my netbook and a pirated wifi link out around the local festivals while she watched and commented via the QQ IM system. (A big thank you to the woman with the unsecured "N" spec wireless network in Upton Upon Severn)

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