BlackBerry's PlayBook will take the price fight to Apple

11 November 2010

The beginning of 2011 is shaping up to be all out WAR, at least as far as tablet PCs are concerned. It's good news for consumers, as their options for buying into the new market will expand in terms of range and price.

Currently Apple leads the way with the 9.7" iPad, with an awful lot of cheap and nasty Android-powered devices flooding the high street in time for Christmas. Samsung have begun their crusade against Apple with the launch of the 7" Galaxy Tab, but the pricing is a little too steep for many. So how will the BlackBerry PlayBook shake things up?

Bitterwallet - BlackBerry PlayBook
RIM's tablet PC is due for launch at beginning of next year, and promises a similar sized screen to the Galaxy Tab. Unlike the Tab, the PlayBook will initially be WiFi only, but what's interesting about it is the pricing; Bloomberg reports that RIM will price the PlayBook to sell, under the $500 (£310) mark.

It's probable that January will also be the time that the next version of the iPad will be announced, which will likely include cameras, Facetime and retina display. At that point, the current version of the iPad - if not directly replaced - would be expected to drop in price. Steve Jobs has already stated that Apple won't be chasing the 7" tablet PC market, meaning RIM and Samsung will be tackling one another, as well as a host of other high-profile manufacturers likely to launch products.

Price may be enough to distinguish the PlayBook from the likes of the Galaxy Tab, but will it endure against a cut-price iPad?

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  • Rick G.
    Sorry to disagree, but there won't be another iPad until June. Apple won't release a new version of a product after the holiday season and only 7 months after it launched the first version. They're also expected to sell 5m units this year alone and the playbook is a 7" screen which is almost a write-off. You lose about 48% screen space on a 7" tablet over the iPad. Such a pointless product, the only other tablet i'd like to see is the Slate, but it could be too little too late by the time it shows up!
  • ipadbod
    @ Rick: They announced the ipad at the end of Jan this year and launched it in April. The article only says "It’s probable that January will also be the time that the next version of the iPad will be announced". An announcement in Jan again would seem reasonable.
  • BK
    "which will likely include ..." you are starting to sound American... "likely" is an adjective, not an adverb... and should be followed by "to" in this context
  • Kevin
    $500 means £500 when released in this country. It's all the tax and nasty business stuff don't you know.
  • Frida P.
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