BlackBerry - our phones work, so screw you Apple!

17 July 2010

Bitterwallet - BlackBerry Bold 9700It's not entirely unexpected. If you're going to address the world's tech media and claim that not only does your product suffer design issues, but then go on to state the rest of the industry has issues too, somebody is going to bite.

That somebody was Research In Motion (RIM), manufacturers of BlackBerry.

During yesterday's press conference, Steve Jobs specifically called out the BlackBerry Bold 9700 for suffering loss of signal in poor reception areas. RIM disagree:

"Apple's attempt to draw RIM into Apple's self-made debacle is unacceptable. Apple's claims about RIM products appear to be deliberate attempts to distort the public's understanding of an antenna design issue and to deflect attention from Apple's difficult situation.

"RIM is a global leader in antenna design and has been successfully designing industry-leading wireless data products with efficient and effective radio performance for over 20 years. During that time, RIM has avoided designs like the one Apple used in the iPhone 4 and instead has used innovative designs which reduce the risk for dropped calls, especially in areas of lower coverage.

"One thing is for certain, RIM's customers don't need to use a case for their BlackBerry smartphone to maintain proper connectivity. Apple clearly made certain design decisions and it should take responsibility for these decisions rather than trying to draw RIM and others into a situation that relates specifically to Apple."



  • StauntonLick
    Nice bit of utterly unbiased reporting from the BBC on the matter here:
  • raggedy
    I found this to be a report of what others had said, therefore completely unbiased. You didn't buy one did you? :-)
  • codify
    Wow, that BBC report is completely outrageous. They might as well have included a photoshopped picture of the author sucking Steve Jobs' dick.
  • raggedy
    See those little " before most of the sentences? That means they're quoting someone else. :-)
  • raggedy
    By the way, a free case was the cheapest option. Recall all the phones = @1.2 billion Make owners take them into Apple shops = @450 million Give everyone a free case = @35 million
  • Pizza_D_Action
    All this crap is going to hit iPhone sales hard IMHO... Apple fanbois love to show off their phones without cases so its obvious a hardware change will be coming soon... Problem is, who is going to want the old (current) iPhone 4 when a new one comes out that is fixed.. therefore people who rushed to get the iPhone 4 and paid shot loads of money will be left with a faulty phone that fetches jack shit on ebay when they come to sell it.... If I was an iPhone owner i'd be straight down to the shops to get it refunded.
  • chunkygeek
    I think the phones have already started being modified as its apparently harder to do on phones bought in the last week or so. But the RIM dude bangs on about how they’ve been designing antennas for 20 years etc, But that still doesnt get away from the fact that Apple made it happen?
  • Alexis
    There's some utter crap written above. People will still buy it because it's a damn good product, and the issue HAS been blown completely out of proportion. The bloody phone is fine as long as you hold it like you should hold a phone. Apple should just have offered free lessons in their stores to the idiots who don't know how to hold the thing.
  • fullmoon
    Funny Apple said Blackberry 9700 dropped calls and lost reception when holding in certain ways. I got BB 9700. It is a reliable business phone. It does its job properly. Even covering with case and putting in pocket does not affect connectivity or network reception. Shame on you Apple, Blackberry phones at least work.
  • Brad
    Ha! you almost had me until I read below. "Apple should just have offered free lessons in their stores to the idiots who don’t know how to hold the thing." You got me with your well thought out joke luring me into a sense that you was being serious, Well Played.
  • Jack T.
    @raggedy: The biggest quote is from technology reporter Maggie Shiels. Or rather, if you bother checking, the BBC tech reporter. So their "quoted" pro-Apple jibberish is actually their own reporter. Sent from my Blackberry that works.
  • J
    I agree with Brad. I recently had to return my blackberry to Vodafone and opted for an iphone instead and it's been nothing but trouble. Hoping to find someone willing to swap with me now so I can have a stable, consistent phone which doesnt freeze or turn black when I try to pick up calls. Ruddy useless thing.
  • The B.
    [...] Research in Motion (RIM); in the same month that Apple attempted to drag the BlackBerry into their iPhone 4 shenanigans, now the Middle East are pulling out the big guns, too. Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia are preparing [...]
  • Bookerplace
    My Blackberry 9700 has been replaced 8 times. Maybe I won't buy an iphone but I Will never buy from RIM again.

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