Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day - win a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

5 November 2010

Last week we launched our march towards Wednesday 17th November, a day that will go down in history as Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day. It's the day where you can right the wrongs of social media, and chastise those who spew the vomit of irrelevance and self-importance into the toilet porcelain of Twitter and Facebook.

This is the day you'll be empowered to tell people who should keep their status updates to themselves "Who cares?" to make them think twice about the rubbish they share. It's the day that we recognise the power of social media, but also how it has been corrupted by statements about fuck-all that are tagged with LOL.

National Who Cares Day not only celebrates liberation from banality, but a generous heap of prizes for you to win! If you support the cause on Wednesday 17th November, you'll be in with a chance of winning a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy Tab worth £500 or one of two Kindles!

You've three chances to win on 17th November:

friend Bitterwallet on Facebook and change your Facebook avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo (you can download different sizes here)

follow Bitterwallet on Twitter, change your Twitter avatar to the National Who Cares Day logo and tweet the following on or before the day:

"17th November is Bitterwallet's National Who Cares Day. Before you send a tweet, ask yourself: "Who cares?""

• between now and the 17th November, challenge one of your Facebook friends when they post a pointless status update, by replying "Who cares?" and send a screenshot of your exchange to [email protected] - if the arguments are particiularly excitable we'll publish the best

Every entry from each of the methods above will be put into a draw on the following day. Three entries will be picked at random - the first entry will receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab. The next two entries picked at random will receive a Kindle WiFi.

We'll publish full rules (the usual stuff we cut and paste every time we do a competition) closer to the day. So stand up, be counted, fight for justice - and win!

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  • Joff
    I don't really understand what you want from me but I'll have a free Galaxy Tab or Kindle (prefer the Kindle if I'm honest). I'll change my avatar closer to the date unless I forget.
  • chumbers
    Easy Joff.. There's lots of shit on Facebook and Twitter and this is the day to tell people to stop fecking well posting it. Facebooks great for perving over exgirlfriends but I don't care if my brother had to get the bus to work. Who cares? LOL
  • Joff
    Ta chumbers, that's all I needed to know! "There’s lots of shit on Facebook and Twitter and this is the day to tell people to stop fecking well posting it" - you should write for Bitterwallet, I've had to read Paul's article to get the gist. I was lured in with the chance to win stuff that I could easily sell on eBay, but then saw words like "empowered" and "banality", so my mind turned off. If I wanted to read clever words like that I'd be on the other side of The Times paywall.
  • Joff
    The end of my first paragraph above should read "...I’ve had to read Paul’s article TWICE to get the gist.". My apologies.
  • Naul P.
    Who cares?
  • me

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