Steve Jobs kills the 7" iPad, because bigger is better

Assuming Steve Jobs wasn't trying to throw reporters and competitors off the scent, then Apple has just killed off all rumours of a 7" iPad being developed by Apple.

During Apple's quarterly financial results conference call tonight, Jobs launched into an unprompted rant about Google and its fragmented operating system, before moving on to make a string of statements about the iPad and its competitors:

• the new 7" tablets that are being released have 45% less screen size than the iPad's screen

• According to Jobs, Google has warned manufacturers of Android-based tablets not to use the 2.2 Froyo OS on their products, instead insisting they wait for Google to release a dedicated tablet OS

Bitterwallet - iPad

• Jobs dismissed 7" tablets as 'tweens' - too big to compete with a smartphone, and too small to compete with an iPad

• Apple has tested functionality on on a variety of different sized tablet screens, and Jobs stated in no uncertain terms that 'a 10" screen is the minimum size a tablet can be' to ensure software remains effective

If there was any doubt, Jobs made it explicitly clear during the following Q&A with journalists:

"The reason we're not making a 7" inch tablet, is because we think it's too small to express the software."

And so it seems certain that Apple will not develop a 7" iPad. Will that let the likes of Samsung own the tablet market?


  • Fby
    No. Next Question?
  • Jamie
    In other news, apple sold 14.1 million iPhones this quarter
  • Slacker
    Ah, Mr Jobs - the world's most successful Snake Oil salesman. You have to take your hat off to the man, who else could have got away with inventing an entire category of device which serves no useful purpose to anyone and then persuade retards the world over to part with their money to buy the overpriced drinks coaster. As long as there are idiots willing to pay through the nose for style over content iShite will flourish, sadly.
  • Axeman
    @ Slacker.... I've got an iPad. I use it constantly. I use it for loads of different things. It serves may useful purposes to me. I'm not a fanboy. I'm definitely not a retard. Next?
  • Axeman
    Well... I can't spell 'Many'... But that doesn't invalidate it all ;)
  • ACID
    AXEMAN YOU ARE A RETARDED FANBOY! the ipad concept isnt new..but you just happeend to buy one now APple has has created it IDIOT!
  • Stephen B.
    I disagree with your iPad nay-saying there 'Slacker' as the iPad is revolutionising the publishing industry, by allowing magazines, books, news papers and media agencies (all of which are currently loosing money) to expand their revenue streams and deliver more up-to date content to their customers quicker and in a way which suits them.
  • Yoda
    ACID - if: - you buy a product because you like it and are impressed by its design and functionality - other manufacturers have brought out similar products in the past that weren't well designed, had clunky software, etc. - you do not jump at the first thing on the market just because it is new - you make your purchasing decisions based on your taste and common sense, rather than because of tedious prejudices about a certain manufacturer or brand Does that make YOU an idiot? No, it's comments like the one you left above that make you an idiot.
  • Nazi P.
    The Amiga is better than the Atari ST, even if it doesn't have MIDI ports.
  • naaanaaanenaaaanaaaaaa
  • Ianp
    android tablets wil come in a variety of sizes to suit what people want to buy ; want a 7" tablet don't bother with Apple; it's pretty simple really. Jobs has done peope a favour on wnat a 7" device as they can save money and get a device that does the same thing so good on him....
  • Jonny S.
    @ Stephen Balderson - the iPad didn't do that? An increase in Smartphone devices, the iPad, devices such as the Kindle did that. That maket has been much longer established than the iPad's existance. Due to Apple's high profile it's merely highlighting it to those that probably won't use it anyway.
  • Faz
    @ Nazi Plates: The Atari ST was much better for making & publishing music though, so it depends on what you wanted it for. A PC is better than a BBC Micro, but the latter was much better for early school children learning the basics about computer use and programming - plus they were practically bulletproof. Must admit though, you would look a bit of a flange carrying an iPad about with you. Is the next step one with an OLED screen that can fold up into your pocket?
  • dvdj
    I don't have an iPad, I have no need or desire for any sort of tablet. If I see someone on the train with a netbook I don't think twice about it, if I see someone with an iPad I laugh and think "prick". I don't hate Apple in general, I have an iPod, I used a Mac in work up until recently, they serve their purpose. But I just can't help it. Maybe it's because I don't see real "value" in the product. If I was given one I'm sure I'd like it, but I couldn't justify it personally. Much like iPhone's, I have a Desire and it does everything I want it to do whilst costing a damn sight less. Guess I just don't buy in to nor like getting raped for so called "style".
  • The B.
    I think dvdj summed it up quite nicely, a notebook will suffice quite nicely, the iPad has insufficient functionality to make it a useful device and thus falls into the "fad gadget" category, £600 for a "fad gadget"? Really? You could buy 3 netbooks for that.
  • Kaibor
    This reeks of Steve Jobs trying to put people off buying a 7inch tablet before he announces an Apple version. They appear to be doing the same with Spotify in the run up to the launch of their much rumored "cloud" music system.
  • Whisky
    Ipads are all a bit 3D TV though aren't they? I can't see any need for either but people are buying them because the manufacturers are telling us to buy them. My first thought was 3D TV, ooo that’s a bit 1980s, and as far as these pads go I have a laptop. Weight is not an issue as I’m not an 80 year old glandular fever sufferer.
  • Mark C.
    The iPad would make a decent enough media reader and social networking device if it wasn't quite so expensive, so a cheaper alternative with the same level of functionality (i.e. not the shite Next tablet) would probably give Apple something to worry about.
  • Mark H.
    @ dvdj If you're still wondering why it is you feel like you do it's quite simple - jealousy. I'm jealous of people with iPhones because there's no way I could justify that expense for a phone. It's why I have a cheap Android one instead. Doesn't mean I don't want an iPhone though.
  • Ben
    The iPad is an extension of the mac. As said above, it's great as a media reader and viewer, not so great for typing essays etc. The mac is great for desktop publishing and editing, but if you don't need those, is vastly more expensive than a PC that does the same work. Apple have made their money making high end, well designed and very expensive tech. I happen to agree with Jobs on the size of a tablet. Posers will of course like them as executive toys, but they do fill a (very expensive) niche as a well designed media viewer and games machine.
  • zleet
    Saw my fist Ipad user the other day on the train (I live in the arse end of nowhere). He was a skinny streak of piss wearing a porkpie hat and sporting a soul patch. Has put me off them somewhat if that is you standard user.
  • Slacker
    Mr Balderson - I think you'll find they could all just as easily deliver their content to my netbook, which costs about a third of the price of an iPad and provides greater functionality. Axeman - you paid well over the odds for a device not as capable as a £250 Acer Aspire One. Jobs shows you a shiny thing and you all scuttle off and buy it. That's why iPad buyers are retards.
  • Inspector G.
    iPads are like clitoreses - every cunts got one
  • Ianp
    Marh H ; "If you’re still wondering why it is you feel like you do it’s quite simple – jealousy. I’m jealous of people with iPhones because there’s no way I could justify that expense for a phone. It’s why I have a cheap Android one instead. Doesn’t mean I don’t want an iPhone though." Mark its not jealousy but an analysis of what a product can do, what it costs and the alternatives.... sure I would be a little jealous of someone who could buy an ipad for a toy and then still have to buy a netbook/laptop (though they would probably buy a very nice one just cause they could) for doing value added activities and didn’t care if they hardly used the ipad.... I do tend to see an ipad user and think you most likely use a keyboard / mouse in work so why do you find it so hard to use one outside of work ? Tablets are great for youg children and old people; they both struggle to use keyboards & mice.... iphone is way better than ipad though....
  • Incoming B.
    [...] The Samsung Galaxy Tab started off as a promising rival to the iPad, and indeed it could still carve a very modest notch in the blossoming tablet PC market – especially since Apple have confirmed they won’t be launching a 7″ tablet. [...]

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