Best Buy to begin selling electric motorcycles. Obviously.

If and when Best Buy ever reaches these shores, it may have a few twists in the consumer electrics offering. Because not content with selling HD televisions the size of a horse or enough white goods to fill a small moon (or a space station), Best Buy are taking stock of motorcycles.

The retailer's US stores is to sell the Enertia, a two-wheeled bike that may look the part, but is powered by rechargable batteries. How fast is it? You only have to look at this graphic from their website to appreciate just how fast it is. It's like watching Steve Austin run:

This might have been a tale of true revolution if it wasn't for the fact that the Enertia only travels 45 miles on a full battery. And then you'll have to spend four hours charging it again.

And it costs £8,000.

It does get slightly worse. Those 45 miles travelled are if you belt along at the near-light speeds of 25 mph. If you want to go crazy and hit 32 mph, you'll only get 29 miles on the thing. At the top speed of 50 mph, you might reach the end of your road. As long as it's a short road.

With those sorts of performance figures - short distances, slow traffic, plenty of time for charging - the Enertia is clearly only meant for the daily commute.

For £8,000.

If that's the sort of corporate thinking going on at Best Buy, they're going to be right at home when they open up on the retails parks in this country.

[Wall Street Journal]


  • Andrew R.
    What specialist website did you get this pic from where the left-hand rider looks as if he is about to whip shit out of the other leather-clad biker? Oh, it's a handrail? Nevermind then.
  • Andrew R.
    I've actually just seen the price too - hahaha. I'd sooner buy a chinaman and a rickshaw for £8,000.
  • Dave S.
    Actually, you might jest, but there was a race at this years Isle of Mann TT for electric bikes, many of the riders were impressed and some even preferred the electric versions, with a few more years development the electric bike 'could' take over, especially with the tank range of a typical petrol bike, however some die hard bikers will still go for the petrol variety.
  • Nobby
    It may look like Steve Austin running, but does it sound like him?
  • jamface
    I don't think there's any "if" about them coming to the UK, they've employed plenty of staff already who are now working in the Carphone Warehouse head office in North Acton
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