Best Buy busting records on opening weekend

Bitterwallet - Best Buy starts recruiting Of course it’s no indicator that they’re going to take the UK electronic retailing scene in their iron fist and squeeze out their competitors but Best Buy are crowing over their opening weekend’s sales at their debut store in Thurrock.

They say that the store notched up the highest number of opening weekend Best Buy sales anywhere, anytime in the known universe in the company’s entire history ever. Cor blimey, eh readers?

No doubt the figures will have been boosted by some mighty opening weekend discounts, and we're not sure how much actual profit they'll have bagged but Best Buy have even provided us all with some quotes from delighted customers…

Anthony from Purfleet said, "I've been waiting for ages since I saw Best Buy's launch announced last summer. Two weeks ago I found out it was opening today so I booked time off work to come down. I expected there to be big queues so I got down here early. I actually only came in for Avatar on Blu-Ray but now I've got two Nintendo Wiis and a hard drive – and I'm coming back later for a laptop when I've picked up the 'missus' from work."

Tom from Dartford said: "I spoke to a Blueshirt for about 10 minutes about laptops, he seemed to really know his stuff."

The ‘missus’! Blueshirts! It’s like some kind of hazy dream! Where will it all end?


  • Aaron
    "Anthony from Purfleet" sounds like a complete moron. Why would you take a day off work to go to a shop, especially when the only thing you want is Avatar on Blueray (available everywhere you nob)
  • Bratters
    I think the way he stated 'missus' makes it obvious he is a gay and he is referring to his boyfriend. Or 'partner' if you will ...
  • spunky
    i call bullshit
  • Ryan...
    Hi i'm anthony, and I have a 10 inch dick on my head. What a tosser, he took a day off work to go to a shop.
  • Bob
    Who the fuck calls a member of staff a "blushirt". That sounds suspiciously like PR bullshit he's being fed... Newsflash - sell products massively sub cost = Get good sales.
  • Nader
    None of you even know this guy and you are calling him everything under the sun, so he is excited about best buy, so he bought a few things and only went in for a blu-ray. What does it matter, did you loose sleep over it? So he knows the PR name for the sales staff. Big whoop! Get over yourself guys. it made him happy, surely that's all that matters
  • issac h.
    "Spoke to a blueshirt"? WTF Was he witht a clothesrack in M&S?
  • Bullet
    @Nader He isnt a real person though is he, he is all just some marketing cunts idea. Hi I,m Troy Mclure and you may remember me from such shops as Private and Confidential and 10 inch or more to get in.
  • the r.
    this is such a pile of bollocks! there prices are nothing to shout about! i went there saturday opening weekend and asked one question about a sat nav and he didnt know! all that money on training and PR saying how great they are. BS
  • yogi n.
    WTF is dis real?
  • Phil M.
    Anthony from Purfleet must have been wetting the bed every night for the last year by the sounds of it lol Too bad he managed to get the time off work, he'd have been devastated if someone else had already booked the day off and he couldn't have it lol
  • BB
    Apparently record breaking meant £150k on opening day. That's about 10% less than the Currys MS on the same day!
  • the r.
    Shut up! is that all! Junction 9 took £2.5 million over the first four days with £450000 done on the first day!!!!
  • shinkyshonky
    Anthony...Tom...aka blueshirt fuckwits

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